Facebook Marketing Company

Did you know that about 2.23 billion people log in to Facebook every month? This vast number of Facebook users makes it a fantastic marketing platform for any business!

● Facebook is among the first three platforms which drive meaningful connections and customer conversions

● India has about 270 million advertising audience, and the USA has approximately 210 million users on Facebook

● Almost 70% of its users access Facebook daily and also visit brand pages often

With all these numbers and countless stats on the Internet, it's common sense to get started on your Facebook marketing. But it isn't easy to DIY. That's where a Facebook marketing company like Socinova comes into the picture.

Benefits of hiring a Facebook marketing agency:

1.Daily Facebook Page Management
Who has the time to visit Facebook every day and post something relevant? A Facebook marketing company does. Once you approach a Facebook marketing agency, they will consult with you for a clear idea of your brand. After they know everything about you and your marketing needs, the team will start developing a strategy and create a full-proof plan for your daily Facebook page management. This will also include community management, like replying to comments, messages and reviews.

2.Increased Brand Awareness and Sales
Unless you are an established brand, increasing brand awareness is surely a challenge. But with a Facebook marketing company in place, that is no longer a problem! They will use many different Facebook strategies to ensure that your target audience will come to know about your brand, and also that you stay the top of their mind. Firstly, the graphic designers in the team will create appealing and relevant content which is captivating enough to attract the attention of your target audience. Also, the Facebook marketing company will use targeted ads, offers to boost your posts and reach thousands of people at the right time depending upon their age, interests, location, etc.

3.Better Customer Engagement
As your Facebook page grows, the present and potential customers will be driven by your Facebook marketing company to make comments and be active on your page. They will utilise this chance to build and nurture relationships with your fans!

4.More Likes & Followers
Are you anxious about increasing the number of customers on your Facebook page? A Facebook marketing agency will help you improve your customer base and sales. Using low-cost targeted advertisements to push your consumers to your website and also into your store, they will help you get more followers too!

5.Consistent Content Posting
When working with a Facebook marketing company, you need not worry about your Facebook page being inactive. They will ensure that content is being posted 1-2 times every day to keep your audience engaged.

6.Retargeted Website Visitors
A Facebook marketing agency will use retarget advertisements to re-engage your website visitors along with a strategic ad every time they log in to Facebook. This enables your brand to stay on top of their mind most of the time!

In a nutshell, a Facebook marketing company is your helping hand in the complicated space of social media marketing. That's why hiring an affordable social media marketing agency like Socinova makes so much sense. All you have to do is explore our low cost social media packages and get started right away!