Why should I order your services?

Two things- time savings and money savings. PLUS you get your social media managed by an expert team who'll post content which will be professional and in line with the trends. Instead of doing it yourself or hiring a big agency, Socinova is relatively fast, affordable and effective. Try it yourself!

What ROI should I expect from your services?

Depending on your current situation and the package you choose, you can expect these savings for your business. Not all are applicable to you, but you get the point.


Saving USD 500-1,000 a month by not having to hire a full time social media person


Saving 7 -10 hours a month by not having to check social media regularly for new messages


Generating PR value of between USD 100-1,000 (depending on your brand) using our professional content


Saving USD 500-1,000 a month by not having to hire a content writer for blogging & video animation


Saving USD 50-75 a month by not having to purchase a social analytics software

What to expect from Socinova's services

Branded and personalised social media content posted to your social networks

Personalised services as per your inputs for blogs, social media ads, videos and more

Best effort to match our content to your brand tone

Fast and reliable communication over the email, phone/Skype support if your plan includes

Monthly review/feedback for the services provided, strategy consultation whenever required

What not to expect from Socinova's services

Social media content to be 100% as you think and like, every single time

Our team monitoring your blog/website for updates and scheduling them immediately

We buying lots of premium stock photos for your brand (we generally work with free stock websites)

Instant growth in likes and followers

Sending a lot of updates in a short period of time and expecting those to be posted right away

Multiple edits to social media posts until you approve the posts (1-2 rounds of edits occassionally are ok)

How do I know if you are a good fit for my company?

Socinova is perfect for you, if...


You are a small or medium scale business


You have just started your social media or are new to it


You don't want to hire a full time social media manager


You don't know which type of content should be posted to your social accounts


You don't have the time to do social media marketing yourself


You understand what to expect while outsourcing your social media

We do our best and like to be fair, hope you will be too!

For any questions or comments, please email us on: contact@socinova.com