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Social media has become an integral part of our lives today. From children to elderly, the presence of social media is everywhere. From individuals to gigantic business groups, the urge and race of being an active participant on the social media platforms is simply astounding.

No matter what you do and where you live, social media's necessity appears to have become our fourth fundamental need after food, clothing and shelter.

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Let's dive deep to understand all the shades of social media, social media marketing & social media audit for your business.

Table of Contents

What is Social Media?

Importance of Social Media

What is a Social Media Audit?

Why do Social Media Audit?

Benefits of Social Media Audits

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit?

Socinova's Complementary Social Media Audit Service

Why Choose Socinova's Social Media Audit Service?

What is Social Media?

Simply put, social media networks are web-based online communication platforms where people connect with each other and share their feelings in the form of words, images and videos. It is a digital platform where people around the world interact with one another and talk, discuss, argue, participate and consume information.

Social media is a common place to all online users who wish to get engaged with one another. Since its inception to till date, the social media users are increasing in manifolds. From 2.65 billion users worldwide in 2018, the social media users are expected to increase around 3.1 billion in 2021.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Quora, Reddit, etc. are popular among the internet users. Each medium has its own uniqueness.

Importance of Social Media

You are reading this piece of information itself indicates the importance of social media.

Over the years, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. have captured the heartbeats of people tremendously. Apart from getting engaged in conversations and debates, sharing ideas and connecting to different communities across the globe, individuals and organizations have used the social media platforms for many reasons.

Social media is a great tool to advertise your products and services in 2020. Everyone wants customers to whom they can sell their products and services.

So, what is a better way to get your brand in front of millions of eyeballs than social media platforms?

Though in the beginning, the social media's motive was to get people to connect and share their viewpoints, commercial use of the same for products and services' advertisement sipped into it smoothly.

The recent data on social media's marketing aspect is quite interesting. It is worth noting that 'social media marketing spending is set to overtake newspapers by 2020. [Source]

Soon after their inception, social sites too started opening up their stage for paid advertisement. You can see that on each and every social media sites now, be it Fcaebook, Twitter or Instagram.

"The Online Advertising Market was valued at USD 304.0 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 982.82 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 21.6% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025." [Source]

From political parties to NGOs and from the entertainment industry giants to the local hotel in your city, everyone is on social media. Every organization wants to increase their reach via social media and expand business in other places. With the cut-throat market competition in today's world, it has become difficult to scale. Reaching the right customers is a paramount thing in today's dynamic business world.

Hence, whether you are an individual trying to increase your customer base or an established company trying to grow, you should look forward to promote your products or services on social media platforms.

Why is the Importance of social media marketing increasing for Business Owners and Organziations?

'45% of consumers purchase decisions are influenced by social media!'- Forbes Magazine [Source]

Needless to say, customers are not any product making or service delivery professional's or organization's monopoly. Customers' choices are not bound by your brand. They are free to choose some other product or service over yours. Yet, you cannot afford to lose your client base. You have to give them a qualitative product or service.

Guess another situation, where your product or services are great quality at one hand and you have a social media presence to promote the same. However, you do not get the desired results. You try every possible social media medium to promote and market your brand, but sales are still low.

In such a situation, would you not feel sad that your social media marketing is not working?
What do you think you should do in such a situation? We recommend that the very first thing you do is to conduct a social media audit.

What is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is simply the steps taken to evaluate and optimize your social media marketing strategy on various platforms. It is a defined and dedicated process of collecting and analyzing data from all your social media handles. It checks what is working and not working for your social media marketing plan.

A social media audit is conducted for determining how your social media presence is affecting, changing and converting users into potential buyers of your products or services. It assesses whether a social media marketing plan is targeting the right audience or not. It also clears whether your social media marketing goals are relevant to your business today or not.

In the end, a social media audit brings valuable solutions for your social media marketing strategy. It compares your products or services' market reach through the competitive analysis. It tells you what should be improved on across all your social media channels. A social media audit guides you with the strategy for choosing the right social media networks for your business.

Why do a Social Media Audit?

Without a social media audit, you'll be aiming at an invisible target. - Vedarth Deshpande, Socinova Founder

Let us quickly read this story of a hotel business owner.

A hotel business owner has sufficient human resources, sound infrastructure, provided grocery and he also puts some money required for marketing. He feels like he is doing everything right and necessary. Yet, his hotel business is going down day-by-day.

Can you guess why is he losing his business?
Let us tell you why his hotel is not running well and losing the shine.

The hotel business owner in question never actually did a hotel audit in capacity to understand his hotel's actual growth requirements. He did not see what and why his hotel customers are going away. If he had done a hotel audit, he would have better chances of succeeding.

Do you agree that he needed an audit?

"80% of businesses think it is important to conduct regular social media audits. 70% admitted that their efforts are ineffective." - CMI Survey

So whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie to social media marketing, it is always advisable to go for a social media audit first. It will put your marketing budget in the right direction.

Importance of a Social Media Audit

"Social media has now become 'do-to-play' arena, if you're not doing, you're not playing!" - Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media Influencer

As you see in the hotel owner's case above, an audit becomes a fundamental thing if you wish to get the fastest, accurate and desired results of your marketing strategy. It is important for you to get the answers on your failed or non-working social media plan.

It is fundamentally difficult to see and realize where the loopholes are between your current position and where you or your company wants to be, if you do not have a recent social media audit in your hand. A social media audit gives you an exact review about the relationship between your organization and its online customers.

With the increasing digital and social media penetration, the complexities of handling social media platforms are too becoming tricky. Hence, a social media audit is gaining popularity.

More organizations prefer a social media audit before deciding on the marketing budget plans. They very well understand where to pinpoint if they want exact outcomes of their social media marketing budget goals.

A social media audit is always beneficial as it saves your time and efforts which you otherwise waste on the things which actually do not need any improvement.

A social media audit helps you answer the following questions:

● Is your presence on Twitter bringing new customers?

● Is your Facebook page attracting old or new clients?

● Is your LinkedIn profile targeting and converting the potential professionals correctly?

● Why is your YouTube channel failing to convert viewers into leads?

● Is there something wrong with your social media channels' handling?

● Is your social media team sharing the right content on your profiles?

● Was your latest social media audit done right?

● How to maximize your social media marketing strategy?

● How to beat your competitors through an effective social media marketing plan?

We know you have more questions to ask, but these are a starting point. A strong and solid social media audit is the only solution to advance your stuck social media marketing strategy.

Benefits of a Social Media Audit

The discoveries of a social media audit lets you or your company to take actionable steps.

1. Get the expert feedback on your social media marketing strategy

Strong and advanced social media strategies get your message delivered to the right clients at the right time. An expert feedback on your social media marketing plans could determine your business success. It is a simple difference between your gained clients or lost ones. An analyzed feedback is a great start to leverage the investment done in the social media marketing plans. An analytical feedback always boosts your social media marketing.

2. Beating your competitors

A social media audit gives you an upper-hand to stay ahead from your market competitors in many ways. You solve your current issues and potential social media marketing related threats. Getting a proper clarity on your competitors' social media strategy helps you to focus on your social media marketing plans. It does not mean wasting your valuable time and resources to follow your competitors' steps, but it is a smart strategy to minimize your mistakes by analyzing competitors' social media marketing.

3. Increased leads through the social media platforms

Improved social media strategy boosts your social media channels' activity. Your regular activity on different social media platforms make readers turn into leads. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. accounts cause the surge in lead generation for you, ultimately converting them into potential customers.

4. Better brand reach

Your marketing activity on the social media platforms makes your products or services visible to customers profoundly. Your brand's social media presence and its reach is a crucial aspect for you. The more reach your brand has, the more business you get through social media. An effective and guided social media marketing strategy is what you or your company should look for!

5. Creating a habit of best business practices

No one wants to lose even a single client especially if their business is mostly dependent on advertisements. Both small and big businesses know the value of a marketing budget and how a failed social media marketing could cost them a lot. A social media audit is a standard business practice if you have a budget for social media marketing. It reduces your risk. An intelligent organization never neglects the utility of a social media audit.

6. Higher sales and profits

Who does not want to make huge profits? Consistent review of your social media marketing strategy is a key tool to achieve your set business goals. It requires a quarterly social media audit which most organizations do to beat their competitors. Checking your action plans and redirecting them onto a right track is what social media audit does for you.

7. Reduced business risks

When you do a social media audit on a regular basis, it automatically helps to reduce your business risks. You do not commit the same mistakes which you were doing earlier. A social media audit makes sure that you get the clear and whole picture of your social media marketing plan. From revamping your old channels to adding a detailed marketing strategy for your online customers is what a social media audit does. Clearing current and potential loopholes is directly proportional to reduced business risks.

How to conduct a Social Media Audit?

Here, we'll guide you step-by-step on how to do a social media audit. Learning the basics of social media auditing is a key to empower yourself in social media marketing.

Without any further ado, let's get started!

1. List down all your social media accounts

This is the first step in order to start off your social media audit. Write down all your personal or company's social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc. in a Google Docs or an excel sheet.

For each social media account, you will have to record the following points:

● Links of your social media profiles

● Social media login information

● Social media marketing team

● Final goal of your social media account

● Demographic information

You should also add any other relevant column if you need to.

2. Analyzing all social media accounts

Once you have all your social media accounts' information on a single spreadsheet, you can begin analyzing all the accounts one-by-one.

You will need to see the following things carefully with your different social media handles:

● Brand logo [Mismatched or out-of-date logos]

● Company description [Poor or incorrect description]

● Inaccurate internal links to your website

● Unclear or improper images of your brand or company/p>

It is important that your brand's logo and description or tagline are similar on all your social media channels. And that it is close to your social media mission statement too. If your Facebbok profile's logo or tagline isn't similar to your Instagram or Twitter account, then it hampers your business' image. Clients get diverted or confused if they don't get connected to your brand quickly.

If you notice successful companies' social media channels, you will see that they have used the same logo and captions across all the social media accounts.

3. Listing down important metrics you want to monitor

How will you track your business if you haven't set metrics to monitor? Key performance indicators are an integral part of a social media audit. KPIs make sure that your actions are on a right track.

You may consider putting the following metrics in your social media audit:

● Social media followers


● Comments

● Shares

● Messeges

● Clicks

● YouTube video views

● Sales

● Email sign-ups

● Requests

Nevertheless, it is equally important that you consider only those metrics or parameters which are aligned with your customers, website traffic, leads, conversions, revenues, etc.

4. Track down each social media account separately

Are your social media profiles meeting your company's objectives fully?

To answer this question, you need to do a thorough analysis of each and every social media account.

When you do your primary data collection and analysis, it is crucial for you to get answers to the following questions:

● What's your posting frequency on each social media platforms?

● What's the response ratio of your posts?

● How much time do you take to respond to any comments or messages?

● How slow or quick is your audience growth rate?

● Are your potential or targeted customers present on social media platforms?

● Why and how do some posts perform well?

● How much time do you invest on a daily basis over all social media platforms?/p>

You will have to ask such questions in order to get the desired results of your social media marketing budget.

There are many free online tools which help you make your social media audit less tiring. The data analysis depends on your company's products or services category, brand, social media marketing budget, needs, objectives, etc.

Here are some of the free data analysis tools for you:

Facebook Insights

Twitter Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Instagram Insights

LinkedIn Analytics

These social media analytics tools help you to research current and potential trends and project the possible effects of your decisions and help you evaluate your past decisions as well.

5. Reviewing your social media budget and calculating your ROI

Social media marketing budget is a crucial aspect for your ROI. It is actually quite hard to measure the ROI of your social media marketing budget.

A social media audit gives you a chance to overview your ROI of social media marketing budget.

Things to consider while conducting a social media audit:

● Decide what your social media marketing budget is!

● Note down all your social media marketing plans that cost money

● Add up all your other expenditures

It's also better to consider these points of cost when reviewing your social media marketing budget:

● Social media advertising

● Social media team

● Social media marketing consultant or agency

● Content creation tools and apps

● Management tools and third-party social media analytics

6. Centralized social media channel ownership

It is important that a single team handles all your social media accounts. Giving each account to a separate person or a team hampers the social media marketing strategy in many ways. A social media team knows what and how of your company's social media advertisement goals so it is always better to centralize the ownership of all the social media channels into a single team.

Let your single social media team take the responsibility of your social media channels.

7. Auditing your business competitors

Does it sound odd?

It may, but keeping an eye on your competitors' social media marketing actions is important. How your competitor is pulling the prospects towards them and increasing their brand reach are notable things for you to consider when you do competitor analyis as a part of your social media audit.

This helps you to learn from their mistakes. It also helps you to improve your own social media marketing strategy. Do research their social media engagement ratio to followers. Do social media influencers talk, discuss or share about their content? What type of audience do your competitors attract on each of their social media platforms? You need to see what type of content they use on the various social media channels and how they engage and interact with their audience. There are many tools online which can help you find your competitors.

8. Know which channels are right for your business

Many a time organizations fail to understand which social media platforms they should be on. Sometimes, their target audience is on Facebook and Instagram, but they focus more on Twitter and LinkedIn.

A social media audit lets you know which platform is suitable for you and your company's growth. Unless you realize the ideal social media platforms for your products or services' marketing, you will not get high ROI on your social media marketing budget.

9. Quarterly social media audit

Social media is a complex world to uncover fully. Its dynamic nature is changing every moment. Online users' preferences are too impacting social media and the world around it. You never know what and which social media platforms have become redundant for your business. Sometimes, your customers prefer different networks to spend their time and this may need you to change your social media marketing strategy.

Hence, it is paramount for you to have a social media audit done on a regular basis, otherwise you may lose track of what you should be doing. Successful business organizations make sure that they have a quarterly social media audit conducted so that they can adjust their social media marketing strategies accordingly.

10. Get in touch with a social media management agency

Though, now you know how to do a social media audit for you or your company, getting in touch with one of the affordable social media advertising companies can help. There are always limitations for you to do a complete expert job like a social media marketing agency. Social media management companies are an expert in budget distribution, research, tools, audience, data analytics and the latest social media platforms' policy changes to name a few.

They exactly know what you should do and should not to work out your social media marketing plan. They are working full time in social media marketing and know it very well. Connecting to any of the social media management agencies is something that you have to invest in. It is always better to give the task to the right person. It saves your time, energy and money!

Socinova's Free Social Media Audit Service

Socinova is one of the most popular affordable social media marketing agencies. And we specially offer our free social media audit service for individuals and businesses. We have nearly six years of social media marketing experience and a world-wide client base.

We provide high quality social media audits as a part of our complementary service to new clients. Here's a quick overview of what we analyse for you:

1. Accessibilty and Presence of Your Social Media Accounts

2. Your Brand Consistency

3. Your Competitor Analysis

Why Choose Socinova's Social Media Audit Service?

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So why not get your social media audit done NOW?

As you now already know the importance of social media audits, it's time to get started on one. It is never too late to have a social media audit done for your business. It's certainly not scary as well if you get the free social media audit done via Socinova.

Whether you are a business owner or not, if you want to see your social media marketing strategy working for you, then you should genuinely try Socinova's free social media audit.

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