Social Media Reseller

If you want to offer your clients with the best social media marketing services but don't have the big team for the purpose, you should definitely try us out. We would be happy to service your clients for their social media management needs. We believe ourselves to be one of the best providers of affordable social media marketing services in the market. You can easily outsource all your social media promotion and marketing services to us faithfully. Being our social media reseller , you can not only turn a good profit, but create a good name for your brand too.

Social Media Reseller

Let us give you an overview of how social media reselling works.
Being a reseller, you simply resell our social media marketing services. That means you are just recruiting the clients and passing on social media marketing and promotion in our hands. We are your social media partners. We love to provide amazing social media services to our clients and produce results for them. We would just about love to do the same to your clients as well.

Once you sign up a new client, you can collect the payment and the required info and inform us about the job. Once you pay our discounted price and send the required info to get started, we'll take the job off your hands. All the services we provide are totally white labelled, so your clients will never know it's Socinova.

You don't need to do everything. Let the experts do the tough job. Being a social media reseller will help you focus on providing your clients with more important services like website design, online marketing, software development, email marketing, etc. while we handle the social media part. Think about it- by outsourcing your clients' social media marketing to us, you'll be able to sell more of your core services and still offer great social media services as add-on.

All our social media marketing packages are affordable. You can simply mark up the price by 100-200% to secure a profit for yourself. Even with the increased price, our service pack a great value.

All the processes required to provide efficient social media marketing services are already taken care of by us. So all you have to do as a social media reseller is to sign up a client and get the ball rolling. Your client will communicate with you and you communicate with us, so they will never know that it's Socinova doing the job.

We also have a specialized dashboard for social media resellers which we set up after you have at least 3 clients with us. With that white labelled dashboard, we make things even easier for you as our team can act as 'your employee' via that dashboard taking care of most of the client communication!

As you can see, there's no reason not to try being a social media reseller. And with the experience of 5 years with us, we are bound to make this relationship successful!