• Social Media Marketing vs Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing Vs Social Media Management

Rajeev P | 13 FEB 2015

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are becoming necessary platforms for companies to increase their popularity among people of the world. They are one of the cheapest and one of the best platforms which can be used to reach out to people globally. This is because social networking is normally used by almost everyone who has the access to the internet. Therefore, it has now become an indispensable part of a company’s strategy.


What is social media management?

Social media management typically means the solutions that will assist you manage online interactions in a very systematic manner. It helps you efficiently manage and organize how to participate in conversations that are taking place in various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or other social networks. It also helps you monitor what is the most frequent topic which is being discussed on these various platforms about your business. And after identifying the topics, a social media management agency would frequently post them on your social media accounts to engage your audience. This would help you increase your presence on social media platforms and engage the users. But there's no specific on increasing the engagement, social media management will focus on managing the accounts and content posting only. Social media management will help you integrate your social networking activities and the company’s various other marketing activities. This may include other online marketing campaigns, email marketing and also offline marketing such as events.


What is social media marketing?

On the other hand, social media marketing specifically aims at increasing your website’s traffic and increasing its attention on various social media websites. Social media marketing will include working on increasing your social media audience with the help of PPC advertising, holding contests,  and engaging with different people continually to bring traffic to your social media pages and website. It normally is based on the idea of word of mouth on social media. Becoming famous among the readers is crucial as they would do passive marketing by spreading the post and the content to their friends which goes on and spreads to many users.


Comparison between the two

In comparison to the management, marketing needs to create a relationship with the customers so that they can spread the message among various communities. Whereas management is controlled by the company or the organization and doesn’t involve an active participation with the people. Management is aimed at knowing more about the topic of discussion across various platforms and sending engaging content to them. Marketing is a broader concept than management and includes management plus efforts towards improving traffic to the website and increasing the attention of people towards the company on social media. Management would concentrate only on improving the content that is visible on the social media whereas marketing is aimed at posting the content and getting it shared and liked too, to say in simple words.

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