• Is Social Media Marketing a Scalable Business Proposition?

Is Social Media Marketing A Scalable Business Proposition?

Rajeev P | 23 JAN 2015

The effective use of social media for business can have a positive effect on every company, large or small. More brands than ever are starting to create an online presence that allows them to post their relevant content, keep their fans engaged and generate interest than will create more income as a result.


How effective is social media for business?

Good content on social media sites can create a dialogue with fans or potential customers, generate traffic to your brand’s site, increase awareness and express the positive, unique selling points of your product or service.

When you decide to incorporate social media marketing into your business plan, it’s important to create realistic goals to work towards, based on the above possibilities.

What should be your social media marketing objectives?

  • Discover what your target audience wants

By interacting with your business’ social media pages, customers will let you know what they like, dislike or want to see within your company. Their praise and complaints can help develop improvements to your services, which over time will increase customer satisfaction.

  • Improve your visibility

Regularly posting on the most popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn will help your content reach far more consumers than it would with conventional advertising methods.

  • Promote your products

Consider the internet a blank space. You can post anything you’d like, so take the opportunity to create content that outlines the benefits of your product or service, making people around the web want to use it. This way you can promote your business to the next level.

  • Generate traffic

If consumers like what they see on social media, they are likely to then visit your site and consider purchasing your product, or at the very least, aim to learn more about the company posting such interesting content and ideas. This traffic could lead to a boost in sales, all thanks to social media.


How to plan social media for scalability

There are many claims that social media cannot be scaled. However with effort to manage it effectively, use a variety of networks and combine your social media with further aspects such as the use of SEO and link building to increase your online popularity, it is easy to see how social media can be considered scalable. It’s also important to compare the trends in social media to your personal goals and determine whether they are viable.

Using analytical tools can help you keep track of how users are interacting with your posts, how many new followers you’ve gained and often provide a chart, showing how your online presence has grown each day, week or month.

You’ll be able to see which posts were the most popular, helping you analyse what your viewers enjoy seeing in their social media feeds.

These statistics can function as a prediction for the coming months, providing your company puts in the same level of online promotion and marketing to maintain the likelihood of user interaction.

So, while these predictions may not be concrete, and may not be considered truly scalable by some, it is possible to predict how you can meet your goals using social media. What do you think about this?


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