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How Consistent Social Media Posting Will Help You Market Your Business

Rajeev P | 9 JUN 2015

Social media has taken over the world in the past few years. It’s almost impossible to overstate how important social media is becoming in people’s business and people’s personal lives. In the late 90s, it became apparent that if you didn’t have a website and didn’t have an Internet presence, your business would suffer. Fast forward to today, and the same can be said of social media. Facebook has over one billion users, so it’s not just a case of social media having changed the Internet, but social media impacts on the way we live our lives and do our business in all facets of that. As such, social media should be a significant part of your marketing strategy if you want your business to succeed. We believe that taking consistent approach is the best bet when it comes to social media.

Here are five reasons why a consistent approach to posting to social media will help your brand.


  • Conditioning your readers to expect something

The Internet has given a lot of people a problem with their attention span. They can always click on to the next big and shiny thing. However, if you only post sporadically on social media, you will become a victim of this. Instead, you should think of your social media followers as hungry animals- if you feed them at the correct time, they will always be there to read what you have to offer next.


  • Build massive value

Social media is a great way to build value for your customers. If you post a link to something that is pertinent and relevant to your users every day, then you are creating a massive database of useful information for your audience to read and share. This can be seriously beneficial to get you business through social media.


  • Low-level constant awareness of your brand

If you post every single day, then you will slip into the subconscious of your customer. This will have numerous benefits for you- like you’ll be their go-to choice when they need something in your area. When was the last time you saw a Coca-Cola logo? I bet you saw one more recently than you think, but because it’s just a part of your consciousness, you don’t even think about it. That’s where you want your business to be.


  • Get higher levels of feedback

Social media is a two-way street. If you have a business, then you want feedback from your customers so that you can know what you’re doing wrong, and what you’re doing right. Social media is the best way to do this, and regular interaction with your customers will build a sense of community.


  • Turn your website into an actual web

If you have a website, it is like an island in an ever-increasing ocean. How are people supposed to get to it? The best way to get new visitors and retain old visitors is to turn your website from an island into an actual Web. You can collect potential customers on Twitter and funnel them to your website. Then you can do the same with Facebook. The more funnels you have, the better. Just be ready to properly optimize and handle each social media network.

For our tips on what to post on social media when to post and how many times to post it, check this link.

Do you post consistently on your social media profiles? What do you think is the right frequency for each social network?


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