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Upcoming Social Media Marketing Predictions To Give Users An Advantage

Rajeev P | 17 FEB 2015

By keeping track of the upcoming trends in social media marketing, those who use it for making their business known can stay one step ahead, ensuring you’re using the most effective methods at the time. Here are our predictions regarding the upcoming changes in social media universe: 


Video is the key for effective communication

Video has proven to be the most effective content format for expressing the messages of your business, in addition to the growing popularity of podcasts, which can be delivered in a video format.

It may surprise you to know that in August 2014, Facebook actually amassed more views via desktop than YouTube, proving how likely users are to watch a video that appears in their feed. In total, the site rakes in approximately one billion video views each day.

Social media marketers can take advantage of this by adding quality content in video format to their public pages.


Watch out for dense information

There is a lot of content on the internet, so often, it can be a challenge to sort through irrelevant information to get to the facts you need. As a result, marketing professionals are gravitating towards new advertising locations that contain less information, making it more likely that users will discover their content.

One upcoming site is Zite, which takes note of each user’s preferences and presents content based on their personal choices. As the user base for content-oriented sites grows, marketers will be able to aim their content directly at those with an interest in the service or product.


Get creative with SlideShare

Further to the point that videos are the most effective method of marketing, SlideShare is emerging as an ideal social network for businesses or professionals to share their content. Designed specifically for those in the business community, SlideShare allows you to create and distribute quality videos for your target market, resulting in more page views, SEO flexibility and long-lasting content.


Step up your social interaction using micro-conversations

Using micro-conversations to communicate with your target audience is easy, free and effective. It provides a direct service that will appease customers who are anxious to receive a quick response. However as technology and social media have evolved, we are also likely to see further micro engagements through social sites, for example the ‘pay with a tweet’ feature, or purchases through Facebook’s new e-store capability. This is an ideal way for businesses to take advantage of social media’s popularity, skipping the ‘middle man’ and getting users face to face with their services instantly.


Tag your collaborations

Online collaborations are an effective way to include your whole team seamlessly. With a dedicated hashtag, ideas can be linked together and become easily searchable by fans or prospective clients.

Hashtags are not a new concept, in fact they’re a staple of mainstream social media. However the evolution of media sites and their integration means that a simple hashtag can connect conversations and content across all platforms, forming a community of people with an interest in what you have to offer, who will follow your every action.

What do you think about the upcoming changes? Are you planning to change any aspects of your social media marketing strategy?


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