• Twitter has Just got new Features! Here's the Scoop

Twitter Has Just Got New Features! Here's The Scoop

Niraj Bagade | 22 MAR 2016

The last few months have seen a lot of debate over the future of Twitter. Twitter has finally turned extremely exciting and feels like something big is afoot. Putting an end to all expectations, Twitter has now rolled out a range of new features and updates. Here is what your new Twitter has to offer:



The best tweets first

Twitter introduced a fully revamped algorithmic timeline which would feature surface tweets that Twitter recommends, rather than showing the time ordered list of tweets you would usually see upon logging in. It is designed to help users catch up on relevant tweets that would interest them. Users tend to tweet and re-tweet the best tweets they see in their timeline, creating more live conversations and commentary. 



GIF search

GIFs are taking over the world and Twitter has understood their importance. You can now search the large library of GIF images directly in Twitter and use them as inline content for your tweets. Now funny tweets are going to be even funnier!



Conversational ads

Growth is an important concern for Twitter, as it is the aspect that generates revenue. Hence, a lot of advertising products can be expected to roll out for Twitter in the near future. The latest instalment in this regard are the conversational ads that appear as a poll on the timeline of Twitter. They allow users to tweet a response with a pre-selected hashtag. Twitter already allows hyper-targeting, hence this a great addition in the advertising dashboard. The conversational ads are a basically a call to action initiated by the tweet.

The real challenge for Twitter is its social utility is lower than other networking sites and there are less advertising opportunities. Though this feature is helpful, it's not a game changer.




Favourites are now likes and stars have become hearts. The new move from favourites to likes was made to enable newcomers to understand Twitter in an easy way. The heart is a universal symbol and ‘like’ is used by various other apps like Facebook and Instagram before being adopted by Twitter. ‘Like’ is more expressive and allows users to convey a wide range of emotions.



Polls in Twitter

The most exciting feature incorporated in Twitter is the introduction of polls. Anybody on Twitter can now run a poll within a tweet. Your followers can vote privately for 24 hours or more and then you get a notification to check and see the results after the closure of polls.


There was stagnation of Twitter’s growth in 2015 and hence it was important to revamp its features to make it appealing to its users. The new changes are a conscious way to re-ignite growth and instil excitement among the users. Try these features today!


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