• New Social Media Trends That will Change Your Online Experience

New Social Media Trends That Will Change Your Online Experience

Rajeev P | 20 FEB 2015

As modern technology progresses around us, we see new technology, gadgets and creations that help us in our day to day lives. Social media is no exception. It is constantly evolving and incorporating fresh new ideas that will help generate growth and keep existing users satisfied. Social media is showing no signs of dying out, in fact, it’s currently evolving with additional features that are designed to become lifestyle staples.


Pay with your profile

The concept of paying through your phone isn’t new. You can even pay for your morning coffee with your phone, as Starbucks recently added Apple Pay support to its iOS app, meaning fans of the coffee chain can top up their Starbucks Cards with Apple Pay. Further companies adopting this technology are JetBlue Airlines, who will allow customers to pay for in-flight purchases with their phone in the near future, and USA Technologies, who aim to add Apple Pay support to vending machines and parking meters across the United States.

However, users of social media may notice money managing tools appearing in the near future. Back in October 2014, hacks revealed a hidden payment feature within the Facebook Messenger app that would enable users to send money to others free of charge, using only their debit card information. While Facebook have not yet activated this feature, the fact is, it was found in the code shows that it may be an upcoming addition.


Smart devices

Due to the availability and low price of sensors, a large number of smart devices are appearing from the market, with appliances such as fitness bracelets, watches and even fridges sending data to the internet. Many of these even sync seamlessly with social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, and this trend is continuing to grow, especially with the expected popularity of the upcoming Apple Watch.

While some have complained that they don’t wish to see everything their friends do on their timeline, this technology is effective in sharing your life and updates online while on the move. Although basic in nature in the meantime, the idea has potential and is one to watch.


Keep it anonymous

Some internet users simply aren’t comfortable sharing their name, workplace or age online, or there may be deeper complications. Facebook was recently criticised for its ‘real name policy’ as those using an alias for safety purposes felt alienated from the site. Furthermore, an outrage was sparked within the LGBT community after Facebook banned several transgender users who were using the new names they desired. There are numerous reasons people may wish to remain anonymous online, and social media networks are starting to take notice.

The anonymous method of online communication is becoming a trend, in fact, Facebook recently released ‘Rooms’ – an app allowing users to discuss anything, with anyone, anonymously. Similarly, apps such as Snapchat, Whisper and YikYak can all be used anonymously.

The popularity of these apps is great news for those who wish to keep a low profile while online.

So, what are the trends that you follow? Share them in comments!


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