• Latest Updates to Twitter: What You Need to Know

Latest Updates To Twitter: What You Need To Know

Niraj Bagade | 23 JUL 2015

We’re over halfway through 2015 and so far, this year has been big for updates on Twitter. The social network has introduced a number of new ideas and implementations that you may have noticed around the site over recent weeks or months.
While Twitter may have stayed fairly quiet about these additions, those in the loop must have been excited for their introduction due to the benefits they promise to bring to Twitter users.


Videos on Twitter

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced the Videos for Twitter feature. This feature has been said to be an effort to compete with the popularity of apps such as Vine, Keek or Instagram videos.
The video formatting options are easy for users to navigate and post directly to Twitter:

  • Firstly, select the photo option and switch to video. Hold down the middle button to record – simple! You’ll be able to take as many clips as you want within your video to show off anything you’d like.
  • Next, edit your video using a simple drag and drop procedure. Rearrange or remove clips as you wish to create the perfect ensemble.
  • Finally, share your creation directly to your profile for all your followers to see.


Private tweets

Have you ever wanted to share a Tweet with just one person, rather than all your followers at once? Now you can!
No matter who has posted the Tweet (provided their profile is not set to private), you’ll be able to share it directly to a Direct Message without the need for a public retweet or mention.


New algorithms

Towards the end of 2014, Twitter employees began openly discussing the upcoming algorithm changes to be implemented over the following year.
While the Twitter timeline has always been chronological, which hasn’t changed, users will now notice that some relevant tweets from earlier on may appear higher up in the feed.
These tweets will usually be accompanied with the message ‘While you were away…’ to make it easy for users to distinguish between those and newer updates.


Instant timeline

When users first sign up to Twitter, a blank Timeline may be enough to lose their interest. After all, there are plenty of accounts that have been created and then abandoned.
To combat this, ‘Instant Timeline’ aims to introduce new users to accounts they may wish to follow and interact with. This helps to build a feed that’s interesting and relevant to each specific user.
New or noteworthy tweets will be displayed to users as they’re introduced, showing them how Twitter works and how they can get involved.

Whether you tweet for business or pleasure, these updates will no doubt enhance your experience using Twitter. By using new tools effectively, you’ll be able to promote your content through multiple types of rich media. Keep in touch with those who are relevant to your industry and boost your online presence by staying social on the web.

Have you been utilizing Twitter’s new tools to your advantage? Let us know if you’ve been enjoying them in the comments.


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