• Is Social Media the Future of PR?

Is Social Media The Future Of PR?

Niraj Bagade | 17 NOV 2015

PR has always been a key element of any business – large or small. But as the digital world grows more and more every day, many of its aspects are now being replaced – in some cases completely – by social media. But what does this mean for the future of traditional public relations?



The social media release

The traditional press release dates back to 1906, when it was created by Ivy Lee, who is often considered to be the founder of PR as we know it.

For the most part of the century, the press release model was kept more or less the same, until it became digitalised in the 1990s thanks to online newswire services.

Today, we have plenty of options for presenting a press release, including email and, of course, social media. Enter: the social media release.



As social platforms develop…

It’s important for social media marketers and public relations managers alike to keep track of the trends in social media and take note of which platforms are a success.

This will depend on the brand’s target audience as the potential clients should always be the key consideration.

Mass social platforms are always ideal due to the wide reach, but don’t rule out smaller, niche networks that may be a good fit within your industry.



Staying connected in PR

By using social media, you’ll not only be sharing your promotional content with the public, but you’ll also have the simplest method for connecting with other PR professionals at your fingertips.

Follow other companies within your industry, as well as the public relations managers behind their promotional accounts. You’ll be able to gain valuable connections as well as tips, advice, ideas and inspiration to further your PR strategy.



Staying within your budget

Whether large or small, most businesses (if not all) will be looking for ways to gain the most significant results with as little financial outlay as possible.

No matter what your budget is, social media allows you to promote your company at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and PR.



Building lasting relationships

By posting online to promote your brand, you are simultaneously creating an ‘image’ that your audience can identify, recognise and relate to.

This gives you an advantage, as your social profile will show a lot more personality than a printed press release.

The ‘human’ approach creates a higher likelihood for conversation and engagement on social media, which in turn will give you a more in-depth insight to your target demographic – information that can then be used to tweak your strategy for optimal success.


It’s important to adapt to the latest business trends and technologies to stay on top of any industry, so it’s certainly worth considering a move into social media for PR purposes.

How does your business handle public relations? Do you consider social media as a key tool? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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