• Is Social Media Marketing Better Than Search Engine Marketing?

Is Social Media Marketing Better Than Search Engine Marketing?

Rajeev P | 30 JAN 2015

An organic search ranging on Google refers to pages that appear in the list of results due to their relevance to the user’s search terms. These pages are generated naturally based on similar content, meaning they are not advertisements. However organic pages may include pay-per-click advertisements.


What is Google organic search ranking?

By ensuring your site features accurate, informative content, it is possible it could be featured as a highly ranked, organic search result. This is referred to as organic search engine optimization (SEO), which aims to include natural placements of keywords to optimize the site’s ranking. This system may also include back-linking or link building to improve the popularity of your inbound links, which are detected in Google’s algorithm and can enhance your position in searches.


SEO and Social Media Marketing comparison

The organic SEO method differs from social media marketing as it is derived from natural content, while marketing content is created directly to generate attention and drive consumers to the specified business or product.

It is also worth noting that Google has evolved over time, and there are certain SEO link-based strategies that no longer work effectively with Google’s modern algorithms. For example, ‘keyword stuffing’ – the overuse of a particular keyword, is now detected by Google and will actually hinder your chance of improving your ranking, rather than increase it. This is just one reason many businesses are choosing social media marketing, which is more relevant to today’s Internet users.

Site engagement through social media is often created through the sharing of blog posts, photos, videos or unique content that is promoted with links to the main website, rather than the SEO approach of a selection of permanent links on a home page or menu. The social media approach allows for originality and variety that can encourage users to stick around and view further updates or even share them with their friends – expanding your viewership further.


SEO Social Media Marketing strategy

Due to the endless possibilities the web has to offer, there’s no reason not to combine the two to create an effective strategy rather than simply one or the other. Merging effective keywords, solid content, user-friendly designs and a strong advertising campaign could prove to be the perfect recipe for reaching your online goals. Using both strategies to promote brand awareness will also show how your business is open to new technology and forward-thinking.

Overall, it’s clear that organic SEO search results ensure accurate information, relevance and quality, due to their natural selection system based on content. However in today’s online culture it may not be enough on its own due to Google’s precautions to eliminate spam. Social media marketing can be just as effective, if not more so, in getting your site ranked highly in Google searches, especially when combined with the right campaign or strategy.

What do you think about this? Is social media marketing as effective as search engine marketing?


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