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Introducing Facebook Riff: The Hottest New Content Creative Tool

Rajeev P | 24 APR 2015

The developers at Facebook are always looking to stay one step ahead of the social media game and are constantly launching new, innovative features to enhance the online experience of the site’s users.

The idea for Facebook’s new Riff project began when a few employees decided to work on a new side project after-hours. Their aim was to develop a creative tool that would allow users to create videos collaboratively, resulting in a fun process and a unique final product.

It isn’t surprising that Facebook are trying to jump on the short-form video bandwagon.

Videos have been an essential aspect of the online world since the introduction of YouTube in 2005, plus, in recent years, video popularity has exploded further thanks to apps like Vine, Hyperlapse and Instagram. These apps allow any user to create an online video without the time or skills that may be needed to produce longer content for YouTube. Due to simplicity, these apps have acquired millions of regular users, so Facebook can’t be blamed for wanting a slice of the action. The development of Riff may also have something to do with the fact Vine was recently bought by Twitter, adding to the ongoing rivalry between social sites.

Regardless of their reasons, the team succeeded in meeting their goals and Facebook Riff was born, providing users with a new, exciting way to make videos with their friends.


What’s special about Riff?

Although it may have been inspired by the popularity of other apps, Riff’s social capabilities are certainly unique.

Video lovers will appreciate the fact that clips can total up to 20 seconds, giving users significantly more leeway in comparison to other tools. Vine, for instance, only offers 6 seconds. Not to mention the fact videos can be expanded after their original creation, which cannot yet be done on any of the apps mentioned above.


So how does it work?

  • First, you’ll need to give your video a topic. The topic must begin with a Hashtag, for example #MyRiffVideo.
  • Anyone can create a video based on any topic they’d like, after logging in with their existing Facebook ID and password. Next, have your chosen friends view the topic, along with your work so far.
  • They’ll then be able to add their own clips that relate to the topic, extending the video before having the option to invite their friends to view and add to the composition too.

This can lead to a wide range of users from a number of social circles adding to your video, leaving you with a truly unique ensemble that can be shared on Facebook or around the web.


How can Riff help enhance my online presence?

According to Facebook, the final push that inspired the developers to create Riff was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral last year, resulting in countless user-made videos. Viral videos can work wonders for any social media marketing campaign, thanks to the wide outreach and potential views. Due to the fact more and more collaborators can add to the video as it is shared between friends, this raises its chances of going viral through exposure. The probability of making it big online is also increased as the Riff app features the best collaborations on its home page.

If Riff looks like something you’d love to try out with your friends, it can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store now.


Do you use any creative video apps? If so, will you be giving Riff a try? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.


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