• Instagram now has More Users Than Twitter! What Does This Mean for Social Media Marketers?

Instagram Now Has More Users Than Twitter! What Does This Mean For Social Media Marketers?

Niraj Bagade | 27 OCT 2015

Since its launch back in 2010, Instagram has been growing at a rapid pace. The photo sharing app is now owned by Facebook and boasts 400 million users around the world in comparison to Twitter, which has 316 million.

It has been said that over 80 million images are shared on Instagram in a single day alone, and the site is utilised by celebrities, brands and casual users alike.

The announcement of Instagram’s high-figure follower count has shaken the world of social media. It has proven that the app has become more popular than Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest. A spokesperson for Instagram said ‘When Instagram launched nearly five years ago, 400 million seemed like a distant dream’, but that dream has now come true.

Another interesting fact is that although Instagram is based in the United States, over 75% of its users live outside the US. The countries with the most Instagram users include Brazil, Indonesia and Japan.

No matter where they’re located, Instagram users frequently share photos of the world around them and their exciting activities, sharing an accurate depiction of life across the globe.

These photos can be enhanced further thanks to Instagram’s line-up of creative filters, frames and effects.

Brands, on the other hand, use the app to share photos of their latest collections, lifestyle tips, quotes or contests to announce their latest news and effectively promote their products or services to a huge worldwide audience.


Top tips for Instagram success for brands

Any social media marketer will no doubt want to take advantage of one of the most popular social networks in today’s digital world, so if you’re not currently using Instagram to promote your brand, it may be time to get started.

Whether you’re new to the site or looking to up your game, here are a few tips:

  • Upgrade to an Instagram Business account. It’s free and only takes a minute or two!
  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page to boost your audience for each post.
  • You could even add an Instagram tab to your Facebook page to make the process even quicker!
  • Make sure your profile is complete and up to date. You’ll need a photo that represents your brand, an informative yet catchy bio and a link to your website for optimal effect.
  • Make sure your business name is your username. If that’s unavailable, go for a word or phrase that’s commonly associated with your brand.
  • Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter! Include them in your Instagram posts to help users find you through their related searches.
  • Respond to comments and questions promptly to show your audience you care about your brand and customers.
  • Take things a little further by commenting on user photos that your brand is tagged in. If the user is a fan, it could make their day!

What do you think of Instagram? Are you surprised it has become so popular or do you agree it was just a matter of time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, as well as any additional tips you have for getting the most out of the app!


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