• How Tweets Indexed in Google Affect SEO

How Tweets Indexed In Google Affect SEO

Niraj Bagade | 9 JAN 2016

Search Engine Optimisation is all about increasing the visibility of your websites by upping their ability to figure at the top of search engines like Google. Although the giant search engine did crawl Twitter pretty regularly, covering every single tweet wasn't possible without direct access. By allowing Google to crawl its top 50,000 hashtags, Twitter could create a huge opportunity for advertisers and businesses by giving direct access to its tweets.



Tweets will now be indexed in Google

Thus, Twitter is aware that it could increase brand awareness considerably through Google. Twitter has recently inked a deal with Google to give the search engine direct access to all its tweets. Even as tweets are posted, they will now become available for indexing. Thus, Twitter has increased its chances of being found by target customers via tweets indexed in Google. This marketing gimmick could help businesses get indexed and gain traction much more quickly.

As a result, Twitter can get huge volumes of free traffic from Google, attract a bigger audience, place more ads and get more sign ups to the platform. Google indexes tweets that are often filled with very useful content and these will be useful when users search for information. Google gains valuable real-time content while Twitter gains valuable free traffic.



Increase your brand presence by tweeting. 

A strong Twitter presence generally means that blogs, websites and social media accounts are most likely to be linked to your Twitter account. If you tweet with a link to a website that's crawled by Google, then the website gets greater value. Google loves links from third party sites to tweets.

With increasing Twitter activity and the possibility of tweets appearing in Google's search engines as fast as they go out, it allows businesses to increase their brand presence in Google's SERP. In short, the fastest way to get promotions and content indexed by Google is to update your website and also share them on Twitter.



Better the content on Twitter, higher will be its ranking

Thus social media and better rankings are interconnected—in this case, with Twitter. Tweets with good content rank higher and get shared, often. Using high impact images for important tweets also increase visibility on the platform as they have greater value. In short, both are likely to drive more engagement on Twitter and give rise to more indexed tweets on Google.



Twitter enabling high visibility

As tweets are resulting in increased traffic and expanded reach, tweeting is all set to become more valuable. The immediacy of results when tweets are indexed by Google will make Twitter, even more, valuable. This is because blogs and other posts take longer to get indexed and even longer to attain a decent ranking.


Tweet indexing does help page ranking but also provides an opportunity to target potential customers. High ranking tweets inevitably lead to higher conversion rates. Have you been tweeting to index your brand on Twitter? Share your feedback on this article in the comments!





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