• Future of Instagram and Pinterest for Marketing

Future Of Instagram And Pinterest For Marketing

Rajeev P | 3 FEB 2015

Most of the marketers are indicating that the future of marketing is social media. It is growing into an essential tool towards for visual content marketing. Facebook and Twitter are relatively traditional platforms which are used for marketing since many years now. But with the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, marketers are now shifting their ground and trying out these new and famous social media platforms to advertise about their products.

Traditional vs New social media platforms

In a survey, it was suggested that younger marketers tend to go for obvious choices of marketing platform such as Facebook and Twitter which are already proven platforms for marketing. More experienced marketers tend to reach out to the people with the help of new social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Earlier text was used as the prime source of marketing. Slowly pictures and videos became more popular for marketing because they have a better aestheticism than plain text. On Pinterest, marketers can post pictures which are appealing to the crowd and help them advertise their product. Instagram is even better as it allows its users to post pictures, GIFs and short videos called vines. The advantage of video is that you can show more information to people and also reduce the clutter of text on a picture. These vines are just 7 seconds long, thus it made these marketers brainstorm to come up with a 7 sec advertisement which is also informative.

Choose between Instagram and Pinterest

Social media is becoming a widely used marketing platform because everyone’s on it. Most people spend their time on these social media platforms more than they watch TV or computer. If you need to choose between Instagram and Pinterest, you need to first know about the platforms before you paste an advertisement on either one of them.

  • Pinterest is a female dominated platform with around 70% of its users being women. Also the age group which uses it pivots more towards the older people of more than 30 years.
  • Instagram is a more balanced platform with about 45% of male users. The age group of Instagram is younger people of about 18-30. Older age people seem to avoid this platform.

Now you must be knowing which platform to concentrate more. It all depends upon what you are advertising. Products which are targeted at women will be more popular on Pinterest as women being the dominant crowd. And products which are targeted at young people will be better on Instagram as it has a higher young population.

The future of social media

Pinterest is mainly a sharing platform where users pin pics and others can share it. However, Instagram is more versatile of the two as we can post various other things such as videos and gifs too. Another thing is that if you want to become famous, you need to bring new content forward every time in contrary to sharing mechanism of Pinterest. Therefore, you need to include customers into the brand by having various contests and events. Instagram gives more opportunities for the marketers to advertise and is a much evolving platform for marketing than Pinterest also because of the involvement of its mastermind company Facebook. Thus for the future, Instagram would be a better platform than Pinterest. 

Are you using Instagram or Pinterest for your marketing? What made you take that decision?


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