• Facebook Has Even More New Features! Here’s How They Could Benefit You

Facebook Has Even More New Features! Here’s How They Could Benefit You

Niraj Bagade | 25 AUG 2015

It seems as if Facebook have been constantly rolling out new features throughout 2015, so it should come as no surprise that with each new update, there's some improvement in the way we experience Facebook.

Social media marketers and those who use Facebook for business will be excited to discover the ways they can use Facebook’s latest features to increase visibility, track conversation rates and more! Here’s how:



Promote the see first option

Facebook users can now use the ‘See First’ button to customise their feed to prioritise any updates from pages or users they have personally chosen.

This means you’ll have some convincing to do if you want to remain visible.

Create a post that encourages users to add you to their feed if they want to keep receiving your updates.



Try out the improvements to Facebook conversion tracking

If your marketing campaign already uses conversion ads or retargeting, you may already be familiar with tracking pixels.

Facebook have recently introduced a custom audience pixel that tracks both tracking and speed, leading to more accurate statistics.

This makes the upgrade ideal for Facebook marketers who target custom audiences and aim to generate conversion.



Promote yourself to nearby users

Ever wanted a device that could lure local visitors to your business? The new Facebook Beacon does just that!

After placing the device somewhere within your business premises, any nearby Facebook users will be alerted to your whereabouts via. Bluetooth.

They’ll see photos, reviews, and even whether their friends have visited!

The Beacon is free, so why not give it a try?



Make and receive payments through Facebook

You may remember earlier this year, when it was reported that some Facebook users in the United States were able to send money to once another via Facebook Messenger.

The feature is now being rolled out to business users worldwide, in an attempt to rival Google’s Wallet service.

This will no doubt make things simpler for anyone who communicates with their clients through Facebook.



Save time with saved replies

If you find yourself frequently typing out the same messages of response to users who get in touch via Facebook, you’ll be glad to learn about the new ‘Saved Replies’ feature.

You’ll be able to create generic, pre-set replies to send in response to frequently asked questions, saving your time in the process.



Beta test Facebook’s new lead ads

If your business has been selected to beta test the new lead ads, it’s worth giving the service a try.

The system makes it easier for mobile users to input their contact information with just two taps of the screen, making them more likely to sign up to your newsletter or follow-up.


These new features can be used to better connect with your customers and increase the visibility of your business.

While they may not all be available to your just yet, learning about them in advance can help you create an improved social media strategy for the coming months.


Are you excited about these new features? Let us know in the comments!


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