• Facebook Notes to be Upgraded? Here’s What You Need to Know

Facebook Notes To Be Upgraded? Here’s What You Need To Know

Niraj Bagade | 26 SEP 2015

Do you remember Facebook Notes? While they may have lost their popularity to an extent over recent years, they are still an important element of the site.

Notes allow Facebook users to share their thoughts and opinions, or even take part in user-made Facebook quizzes. Though today, most people prefer to simply write a shorter post and update their status instead.

Perhaps due to their dying popularity, Facebook have now decided to give the Notes feature an overhaul, aiming to create a new design that could perhaps rival online story sharing sites such as Medium.

This new, refreshing look is aiming to make the written posts of users look more like an actual blog, rather than a bulletin style update. This update is currently being tested, so you may or may not have caught a glimpse of it already.



What does the new design look like?

From what we’ve seen so far, Facebook Notes will look sleeker and a lot more professional than a simple note or list. The layout is cleaner with less distraction and may be complemented by a selected header photo.

You’ll also be able to choose a bolder headline that complements the body text appropriately. Unlike previous versions of Facebook Notes, you won’t have to allow for ads, sidebars or suggestions, meaning nothing will detract from what you have to say.



What can the new notes be used for?

The new aesthetic will make the Notes feature clearer and more user-friendly for users who wish to post long-form written pieces on the social network. From a business perspective, this could be used for:

  • Supplement your social media content with appropriate blog posts that feature your products or services in action. These may be Facebook exclusive or perhaps you’d like to share your existing blog content from your website. Either way, the extra exposure is a positive.
  • Updating your customers or clients on your opening times, terms and conditions, sales or release dates.
  • Q&As or FAQ posts that give your followers the information they often look for.
  • Creating shareable content that may find its way across Facebook, boosting your publicity in the process.
  • Showing your followers and fans that you actually engage with your page on a regular basis and that it’s not simply there for show. Appearing dedicated to your business is always a positive in the eyes of consumers.



I don’t have this feature yet. When will I get it?

So far, only a small number of Facebook users have gained access to the new Facebook Notes feature. Facebook have not yet announced when it will be rolled out to a wider audience. However, the fact it’s being tested with the public is a sure sign that Facebook are preparing some serious updates in the near future. With the popularity of blogging online, Facebook is unlikely to stay out of the game for long.


Are you excited to try the new Facebook Notes? Have you been lucky enough to test it out yourself? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!


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