• Expand Your DMs – Twitter is Dropping its Famous Character Limit

Expand Your DMs – Twitter Is Dropping Its Famous Character Limit

Niraj Bagade | 12 SEP 2015

While the limit of 140 characters is fine for simple, straight to the point tweets, users often find themselves frustrated when they find that they have a little more to say.

Those who utilise the direct message feature may be thankful to know that users are now able to send messages longer than 140 characters.

This feature was recently phased in across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and browsers. As stated back in June by Twitter, the new character limit will be 10,000, making it far easier to have more detailed discussions.

So, why’s this a good thing?



You won’t have to risk interruption.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to have to split what you have to say into multiple messages, especially as it leaves the door open for your recipient to interrupt before you’ve finished talking.

By sending your message as one long piece, they’ll be able to read your whole point before commenting in response. This is especially helpful to those trying to explain long or complicated topics.



It gives Twitter a chance to compete with Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger is great for a chat, but there are still plenty of Internet users who prefer Twitter to Facebook on the whole. The only thing that’s lacking for Twitter users is the ability to chat freely with their friends or followers in the same manner as other social networks. Even Pinterest now features an integrated chat feature!

Now Twitter has caught up in the ‘chat’ stakes, users can freely have a more ‘instant messenger’ style experience as they communicate through the site.



Sending links will be easier.

While some links become minimized when sent via Twitter, there are still plenty that don’t – leaving you with even less space to explain what it is you’re sending.

Without this space being so limited, you’ll be able to send a link and add a description or caption all in the same message.



DM marketing will improve.

If you use DMs to market your business, product or service, you’ll likely have found it difficult to come up with a short, snappy description that’s enticing enough to convince the average user to view your content. You may even have ended up spamming users with multiple messages, with can be annoying to some when it’s unsolicited.

With this extra space, you’ll be able to outline roughly the positive points of your brand, giving users a clear idea of why they should be utilizing what you have to offer.



It shows how technology and social media is evolving.

Any update that creates a more positive experience for internet users is a good thing. As more companies begin to give their loyal followers what they want, social media will evolve and improve with time. The future of the web is an exciting place.


While the direct messaging update has been well received so far, there is no indication that Twitter will drop the 140 character limit for tweets.

Are you happy to be able to send longer messages to your friends and followers? Have you been frustrated with the limit in the past? Tell us about your experiences below.


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