• Changes Are Coming to Facebook Ads: Here’s The Scoop

Changes Are Coming To Facebook Ads: Here’s The Scoop

Niraj Bagade | 3 SEP 2015

As any social media marketer knows, social networks are constantly evolving, adding new features and updating their existing ones.

The most recent elements to have the ‘makeover’ treatment are Facebook Ads, allowing you to up your marketing game on the world’s most popular social networking site.

Facebook have taken it upon themselves to offer businesses and social media marketers the tools they need to connect with consumers (both existing and prospective) on a new level. Here are the latest big changes to help you achieve that.



The ‘call now’ button

If you’re already pulling out at all the stops to market yourself effectively to mobile users, you’ll no doubt be wanting them to contact you! The new ‘call now’ button is an upgrade on the previous ‘Get Directions’ call to action button and offers users the option to call you by simply tapping a button.

The button is featured right there on your ad, so no extra searching on the user’s part is required.

This takes away the effort of having to search for and save your number, then dialling, making time-conscious consumers more likely to get in touch after viewing your ad.



New ads can sync with your sales catalogue

If your e-commerce store features an online sales catalogue, you’ll now be able to add it to your targeted Facebook ads too.

These ads are essentially templates that will import your images, product names, prices and additional details from your online catalogue. The item or service that the ad promotes will depend on the keywords you included when you set up the ad.

These smart ads also know not to promote anything that’s out of stock which, therefore, would not lead to a sale.



Carousel ads are now featured on mobile devices

Carousel ads have been present on Facebook since 2014, but they are only now coming to mobile devices. This allows users to view multiple images and a variety of links within one promoted ad, simply by swiping sideways – a natural instinct to today’s mobile users.



Ad manager and power editor have been upgraded

The Power Editor tool now features a more user-friendly, practical interface and is also able to support bulk editing and improved search capability.

The Ad Manager also features an improved user interface, allowing social media marketers to more easily view their performance metrics.

Combined, you’ll have the convenience of being able to create and manage your Facebook ads all in one place.



Campaign management is now possible through a mobile device

Previously, you’d have had to use a computer to manage your Facebook ad campaign, however, earlier this year Facebook released the Ads Manager App.

The app allows users to view their ad’s performance, make edits, revise their payment information and budget, select their scheduling options and even create ads from scratch using a mobile smartphone or tablet.


Have you made the most of any of these changes? Let us know if you’ll be utilising.


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