• Another Pinterest Update for Business: The Scoop on Location Data

Another Pinterest Update For Business: The Scoop On Location Data

Niraj Bagade | 3 NOV 2015

If you’re a regular user of Pinterest – whether it’s the mobile or desktop version you prefer, you may have noticed small, rectangular maps appearing under selected pins.

But what are they? It turns out Pinterest has made a small yet effective update that adds location data on to retail orientated pins.

According to Pinterest, around 7 billion pins will have new details added to their descriptions automatically that potential consumers could find relevant. These may include:

  • Addresses: Users will be able to determine the exact location of your brick and mortar establishment.
  • Phone numbers: Not only will your number be listed; users can also take advantage of a direct ‘call’ button to get in touch with you directly.
  • Website links: It’ll be easier than ever for Pinterest users to visit your site.
  • Opening hours: Your potential consumers will now know when you’re open, without having to turn to search engines.
  • Tips and reviews: It can be helpful to see what others think, especially if you provide a great service that your previous consumers have loved!



Are there any other helpful extras included in the update?

As it happens, yes! Users will be able to ‘explore’ the local area right from their smartphone by using Pinterest. They can use the new data update to scroll across a map, checking out details and reviews of similar businesses or fun activities in the area before making a decision.

Have you ever spent time with friends, only to have the discussion of ‘where should we go next?’ By browsing the new maps, it’s easy to find recommendations close by. For example, if you’re just finishing dinner, why not see what Pinterest users think of the dessert bar across the street?

From a tourist or resident’s point of view – this feature is great! But for business owners, it also means you’ll have to up your game and create high-quality pins that will be enough to convert browsers into customers – or at least convince them to visit your site for more information.



How can I benefit from this update to location data?

From a business perspective, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the new additions:

  • Pinterest will become a whole platform of potential local consumers. If they’ve spotted you on Pinterest and already have the details to hand, a passer-by may be more inclined to pay you a visit.
  • The link to your site will save Pinterest users the hassle of searching for your company or typing out the address manually. Due to the ease, they’ll be more likely to click a link, resulting in higher levels of traffic to your page.
  • Users will be able to share tips and advice for visiting your business, ranging from their favourite dish to the best time to arrive. It’s essentially free marketing – these people are willingly sharing positive thoughts for all of Pinterest to see!


Have you been noticing these new maps and details being added to pins across the site? What do you think so far? Will you be utilising the new update to promote your business on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear your plans!


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