• 5 Social Media Updates You Need to Know  In 2016

5 Social Media Updates You Need To Know In 2016

Niraj Bagade | 22 JAN 2016

Social media, like it has been doing so far, will continue to evolve. From a platform that was meant for socialising, it has now become better known for marketing strategy. 

Small and big social media platforms want to all stay ahead of their competition, and so they will continue to offer innovative features. Expect few interesting changes in social media trends in 2016 too.



Dominance of the big three

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will continue to devour the smaller fish in the social media ocean. A number of new platforms which recently emerged were either swallowed up by these biggies or had to struggle to survive in harsh environments that did not promise any growth. However, any big company that brings on some new feature is likely to steal a march over the others.



Social media visibility to increase

Every man and his dog are likely to be seen on social media. Visibility has become the new social media buzzword. In 2015, social media marketing has shown businesses how it pays them to be seen on social media, so everyone will use social media marketing to make the most of it. Social media platforms started offering “buy” features to their advertisers and users as one-click purchases from mobiles grew. Businesses now must be prepared to pay social media platforms like Facebook for advertising space.  



Live video streaming will steal the show

Periscope and Meerkat have shown how popular live video streaming is becoming. This form of on–the-go, and instant updates are likely to increase as more and more people use smartphones to keep abreast of the latest happenings. Instagram and Snapchat have also been successful in this medium as video streaming apps are what’s trending! So people are going to stream their debates, conferences and their shows, and even ask the audience for feedback. 



Social media at your service

Call centres are becoming passé as customer care services via social media have grown and likely to continue growing. There has been an increase of more than 30 percent in customer care services through social media. As businesses gain organic visibility on social media platforms, customers will prefer social media for queries and complaints. Businesses will not be able to ignore customers on social media and those with great feedbacks are likely to find more marketing success.



In-app user time to rise

Not only are the users spending more time on their apps, but in-app time is also increasing. Facebook has begun publishing instant articles to keep readers hooked. Facebook wants users to stay on its platform by providing world news while Pinterest has begun a new visual search option that allows searchers to search for items seen on other pins. Most platforms will want to capture eyeballs and keep users from leaving. 


Do you have any predictions for 2016? Please share your feedback, views and opinions in the comments! 



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