• Would You Hire a Social Media Influencer? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Would You Hire A Social Media Influencer? Here’s What You Need To Consider

Niraj Bagade | 10 SEP 2015

Working with a social media influencer is a great way to ensure your promotional content reaches a wider audience, but there are important aspects to consider that should not be taken lightly. Read on to find out the questions you should be asking yourself before taking an influencer on board.



Are their followers compatible?

It doesn’t matter whether your influencer has hundreds of thousands – or even millions of followers. It’s irrelevant if they’re not compatible with what you have to offer.

To generate the optimum engagement and conversion rates, you’ll need to work with influencers whose followers align with your industry. These people are more likely to be interested in your brand and, therefore, more likely to click on your content and take a look for themselves.



Is your influencer an online ‘celebrity’?

Internet celebrities are easy to come by these days, with thousands of people around the world finding fame through the web. These people can essentially be defined as users who have more reach and influence than the average social media user.

While getting in touch with A-list movie stars may be out of your league, YouTube celebrities and bloggers may be happy to work with brands and would be able to promote your content to their loyal audience.



Does their content match your ideas and ethics?

Before getting in touch with your desired influencer, it may be a good idea to review his or her previous posts and decide whether the content they post is in line with your own.

Ideally, you should have similar interests and views if you want to ensure success with their audience.



Which social media outlet do they use?

While your influencer may have found fame on Facebook, that’s no use if your campaign mostly focuses on marketing through Twitter.

Each business will have a preferred outlet, but it’s important to ensure that you and your influencer are on the same page.



Do they interact with their followers online?

Getting your influencer to post your content is a great idea, in theory, but what’s the point if their followers don’t pay any attention to it?

Consider their engagement levels before committing. Do they often respond to tweets or posts? Do their followers frequently retweet or reply? These are things you need to consider before making a decision.



Have they worked with brands before? How did that go?

Past brand activity can be an eye opener. Did the influencer post the content on time as directed by the brand? Did they promote it well? Evaluating this beforehand will help you avoid getting in touch with influencers who aren’t actually willing to push your content or products to the full extent.



Does their work garner results?

Take a look at the content they post and what kind of results it gathers. Use a variety of analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, for example, to determine the likelihood of success when working with this influencer.


By doing your research beforehand, you’ll be able to make the right decisions from the start, rather than set yourself up for a negative experience.

Do you apply any of these tips to your decision making when selecting a new influencer or promotional outlet? We’d love to hear how they’ve worked for you!


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