• Why YouTube Can be What You Need to Promote Your Brand

Why YouTube Can Be What You Need To Promote Your Brand

Niraj Bagade | 12 JAN 2016

There is no doubt that the popularity of videos is growing. WhatsApp is full of videos, and so is Snapchat’s 10-second videos. YouTube itself has more than a billion active users annually. Facebook too has made video viewing more accessible by allowing videos to play the moment you scroll through their news feed. It has been predicted by social media experts, that in the coming years, videos will be what will pull the internet traffic.



YouTube videos establish the trust in audiences

Therefore, it makes sense to promote your brand with YouTube videos. Advertising your brand on YouTube’s homepage is very important as there are more than 92% B2B viewers who watch these videos on YouTube. Customers who watch promotional videos trust the contents of videos to be true and shoppers who see video ads are prompted to buy what they see.



Techniques to promote videos on YouTube

You should also work to promote your brand by making use of optimisation techniques that will improve search rankings as YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. When video pages have keywords that talk about your brand and which match the Google’s AdSense keywords, then they are likely to fetch up on search results more frequently. People rather watch a video than read up an article about what a company does. Another way to optimise searches is to use both short and long tail keywords in the video description.



Effective call-to-action for your videos

On YouTube, there are basically four main types of actions that viewers could take, viz. 

Subscribe to the channel, 

Watch more videos, 

Like or share a video and 

Leave a comment. 

It is important that your video is created in a way that gets viewers to take one of these actions. A smart strategy that is being used by many businesses is to provide a link in the email newsletters that they send to customers which make offers that will prompt them to take one of these actions.



How your videos should be

Billions of views are generated on YouTube on a daily basis. Any visitor from any part of the globe can watch your videos even if they do not speak your language. Videos that have closed captions can reach new audiences as they cater to people with different needs. Videos have the ability to offer sight, sound, emotional delight. And anything that is liked is easily shared with others and increases the videos' reach without the business having to do anything. Consumers automatically share videos they think will benefit others in educating, informing or entertaining.



Videos help to convert any planned purchase by customers into a purchase

Most consumers like to have a better knowledge of products and services before they actually buy them. Consumers watch YouTube videos to get as much information as they can about the product. When businesses offer more information on their products through videos, they help to convert any planned purchase by customers into direct purchase. Companies can boost their sales by targeting those prospects that just need a little push to have their minds made up about a purchase.


Have you been using videos for promoting your brand on YouTube? How has been your experience so far? We'd love to hear from you about your experience, feedback and views in the comments! 


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