• Why Instagram is More Than Just Posting Your Pictures

Why Instagram Is More Than Just Posting Your Pictures

Niraj Bagade | 19 JAN 2016

Who doesn't love taking pictures and showing them off to others? Except a small minority, most love to live in a world that's connected through photos and vicariously experience the glorious moments that are captured within.

With bulky cameras becoming obsolete and mobile phone cameras getting better and better, it seemed as if sharing pictures and snapshots would become easier. Although that did happen, the end quality and uploading were always a question mark. Instagram solved user problems by giving them an easy and a quick platform to share photos and video clips wonderfully.



Instagram: A boon in the consumer-driven age 

Essentially then, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that Instagram is only a platform to share photos, but wait a minute! It goes well beyond that now. With the advent of social media, Instagram has become a platform for businesses - big and small, to connect with fans, followers, and even customers. It's a shot in the arm for them as it implies increased and enhanced visual customer engagement—the secret to success in this 'consumer-driven age.'



A huge audience for marketers

Pictures and photos tell stories that are relished by consumers, and if used rightly, have the power to trigger and drive engagement. Almost 400 million people are on Instagram as of January 2016, and about 55 million photos are being uploaded every day. With that kind of statistics, Instagram can well be regarded as a “business-changing marketing tool”.

So, how does this happen? Instagram allows you to portray the 'human side of your business' to consumers, build meaningful relationships and reach out to prospects. Nothing impacts people more than a 'behind-the-scenes' look at how your business is being run or how passionate and committed you are.



Showcase the personality of your brand

Through simple pictures and videos, you can share your feelings, your dreams, passions and reach out to consumers like nothing else can. Not many can resist that sort of personal appeal. For targeting specific markets, Instagram can well be the 'be-all and end-all' for establishing an emotional connect with an audience. Remember, Instagram is connected to Facebook and Twitter and that gives you a chance to easily link all of your networks and use them according to your needs.

Through images, Instagram links people from all corners of the world and there's nothing like having a global audience to create an online presence and remaining super active and receptive to new connections. This lends a unique personality to your business and enhances your reputation, which are the perfect pre-requisites for building trust and credibility—the basic pillars on which businesses pivot. It's a great way to network and build lasting relationships, establish new connects, build brand value and literally lure traffic to your sites.

In short, Instagram is a free app that allows you to showcase “everything you have and everything you are” to the world at large and that's the ultimate in advertising.


A Forrester study found that “Instagram content generates 58 times more engagements per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.” Enough reason to embrace Instagram?



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