• What is Mobile Marketing and How it can Benefit Your Business

What Is Mobile Marketing And How It Can Benefit Your Business

Rajeev P | 16 JUN 2015

Whether you have an existing digital marketing strategy or not, you may have overlooked mobile marketing and the ways it could benefit your business.

Chances are, a good number of your visitors are using a mobile device to access your site. All you need to do is go outside in a populated area, and you’ll see hundreds of people with a smartphone or tablet in their hand.

As consumers, they are expecting to be able to access the information they need through any device. It’s inconvenient for them to have to switch to a desktop Mac or PC just to view one particular site.

It’s, therefore, important to ensure your marketing and content can function seamlessly between devices.


Why should I go mobile?

Studies have shown that users of social media spend more time using their smartphone to access their networks than desktops. According to ComScore, 92% of Pinterest users, 86% of Twitter users, 46% of Tumblr users and 68% of Facebook users are using their smartphones or tablets to engage with the sites.

It’s no surprise, then, that companies are beginning to take note of this mobile culture and deliver content that caters to the needs of users on the go.


So, how do I take advantage of mobile marketing?

Including mobile marketing as part of your strategy shouldn’t be too difficult if you already have an online marketing strategy in place. It may just take a few simple additions or changes that can optimize your efforts for mobile.


  • Make your Facebook tabs more accessible

Facebook tabs are an important part of your page when marketing to social media users. Ensuring you have a good user interface set up is vital, as users who struggle to navigate your page are likely to click away. Ideally, they should be able to read quickly and interact with your tabs.

To make the tabs accessible to any user, regardless of the device or operating system they’re using, try creating your own Facebook tabs using a template, or purchase them from a third-party provider.


  • Engage with local consumers

When using a mobile device for social media marketing, you’ll benefit from the ability to tailor your information based on the location of your users. This allows you to direct targeted Foursquare ads, based on this location.

The ads really aren’t complicated. You’ll only pay for the ad upon action, for example, when a user checks in to your business or taps to request more details.

You’ll also be able to locate users who are ready to make a purchase. If they’re searching for a business selling the product or service they require from a mobile device, they’re very likely to pay the business a visit shortly after.

Furthermore, the ads are specifically targeted, meaning they’ll only be seen by those who have searched for or visited a business similar to yours.

To utilize location-targeted ads to their optimum potential, ensure you have quality copy, mobile optimized websites and click-to-call extensions through Google.


  • Make sure your site is responsive

To ensure your blog or website is mobile-friendly, it will need to have been designed responsively. There are pre-made themes available. However, you may benefit from hiring a web developer for a truly professional image.

They’ll be able to install the new theme or edit the code of your existing one. While these changes will be subtle, they’ll be guaranteed to make the design more flexible in order to be viewed properly on mobile devices.


Have you used any of these methods to improve your digital marketing strategy for mobile users? Tell us about it below and let us know about your success!


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