• What You can post on your Facebook page

What You Can Post On Your Facebook Page

Niraj Bagade | 4 MAR 2016

It is often hard for people to determine what they should be posting on their business’s Facebook page. Because simply posting anything on Facebook isn’t enough to successfully help your brand. You must accumulate enough likes, shares and audience interaction, as well.  With that in mind, how should one determine whether to post photographs, text, or videos? These are the three top forms of content on Facebook, and they must be used strategically to further your business’ reach and client interaction while giving a glimpse of what you have to offer. This can be quite the challenge for your business’s social media venture, so we have come up with an in-depth guide on what kind of content you should post on your page.



1. Photos:

There are countless ways to take, edit and post photos to your business’s Facebook page, from photo-editing apps to a digital camera.  The best way to use photos on your page is to include a variety, no matter what kind of business you’re running. For example, restaurants and food blogs should post pictures of their food, retail businesses should post photos of their clothing and fashion, travel bookers should use pictures of future vacations, etc. In addition, a good way to use photos to accumulate client-interaction on your page is by posting reviews of few of the happy customers or employee-client interactions.



2. Text:

Your potential and current clientele may use your Facebook page to browse regular, simplified version of your brand’s news or information. They may not want to see ten paragraphs on the business’s status update, so the text posts should be used strategically. For example, a news outlet should include a brief overview of the event or a recent story with a link to a more in-depth description, and a retail brand should use text as a description of a upcoming sale with a link to their website.



3. Videos:

Film, music, audio and other creative businesses tend to post videos on their Facebook page because it is an ideal way to demonstrate their services in an engaging manner. Using video can exemplify your business’s endeavours while giving customers the option to easily share your content with others. This helps to reach your target audience through your Facebook page. Besides, who would want a music company to post just photos on their page? Or a film company to post all text posts?


After reading this, if you still need some inspiration, go to your favourite businesses’ Facebook pages and take a peek at the methods they’re using! For example, is that vegetarian blog posting recipes and pictures of the final product? What about your favourite restaurant?  And is that local news outlet referencing to articles about latest events? By analysing other businesses' content and posts, you can easily figure out what you should be posting too. And though the top three content choices are photos, text and videos, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it! For example, post polls or surveys, games, etc. By using these methods, your business’s Facebook page is sure to accrue client attention, likes, shares and more!


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