• Using Snapchat to Promote Your Brand

Using Snapchat To Promote Your Brand

Niraj Bagade | 27 AUG 2015

Snapchat has been getting a lot of exposure recently, especially with world famous stars like Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Arnold Schwarzenegger using the platform to share their day to day updates with their fans.

However, it isn’t just superstars that the platform appeals to! Brands are also picking up on the social app’s popularity, with companies such as Taco Bell, Acura, Free People and McDonald’s jumping on the bandwagon.


With this level of popularity, it’s no surprise that smaller businesses are starting to consider using Snapchat for marketing too. But why?

  • Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users, who send over 400 million snaps every 24 hours, making it one of the fastest-growing social apps to date.
  • Snapchat allows users to create ‘stories’ in the form of video narrative that can be used by brands to engage audiences and get them excited about the brand’s product or service. These stories can be enhanced further with text, emoji's, background music or filters.


It’s clear to see how the brand could be an excellent promotional tool for marketers, but how exactly could I use it to promote my own? Here are a few ideas!



Share live events

If you share footage of live events, you’ll be able to include people who may be a fan or existing customer of your company but couldn’t make the event. By making sure everyone feels included, you won’t be alienating any customers and will encourage them to re-visit and stay loyal to your brand.



Create Snapchat-exclusive content

People will be more likely to follow your activities on Snapchat if you post exclusive content that consumers know that won’t get elsewhere. This may include previews of upcoming products, information regarding upcoming sales before the dates are announced online or even a positive message of appreciation that long-time customers will appreciate.



Use it to run contests or promotions

It’s easy to run a contest or giveaway on Snapchat. You could use your snaps to hand out discounts or promo codes to fans or request they share selfies of themselves with your product in exchange for an entry into a prize draw.

Visual marketing is here to stay so it’s time to get creative and connect with your demographic!



Share ‘behind the scenes’ snapshots

People are more likely to trust a company if they have some idea what goes on behind the scenes. Show your audience what goes on in your stock room, offices or buying trips to express just how much effort goes into bringing them the highest quality consumer experience.



Invite an influencer to Snapchat on your behalf

Who says you have to be the one posting the videos all the time? By inviting someone with influence in your industry to post videos from your Snapchat account, you will be appealing to both your followers and theirs, resulting in a larger potential consumer base.


Have you considered using Snapchat for business? Let us know if you give it a try – we’d love to hear about your success!


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