• Using Slack? Here's How You can Customise it for Your Social Media Team

Using Slack? Here's How You Can Customise It For Your Social Media Team

Niraj Bagade | 11 MAR 2016

Slack beyond doubt has improved team communication.  It is something that you need to try and experience to grasp its potential. In simple terms, Slack is a team communication tool that calls for synchronous communication on different devices. The app is simple, but its powerful features make it a fast growing one. It is more than a humble chat room; it's a communication hub that simplifies day to day work. It provides a platform that allows a team to communicate on multiple channels and removes the need for clumsy email communication. Here is how you can revolutionise your social media team communication by effectively using Slack.



Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts app lets you communicate with a team member or customers through video conferencing, chat or voice call. By integrating Slack and Google Hangouts, you can start a hangout with any team member and communicate faster over video than chat. Hangouts can be directly created using slash command. The Hangout will have a Slack control panel that allows you to invite other team members to the Hangout. Your social media writers and managers can use Slack to share and collaborate ideas.




Twitter is a well-known social network, microblogging service that focuses on people posting short messages. By integrating slack and Twitter, tweets are sent to or from a specific Twitter accounts to a Slack channel. This is a great way of keeping in pace with social media marketing and responding quickly to customers who communicate with each other using Twitter.




HuBot is a scriptable chat robot that integrates with Slack account and is used for literally anything. It can be set up to poll the team, if they need coffee or to enquire what they want for lunch.




Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to create, collaborate and store documents online. Multiple people can work on the documents simultaneously with Google Drive. By integrating Google Drive with Slack, file sharing is made easy and seamless. It is the most popular integration on Slack. Just by pasting the link to Google Doc in the chat box, it is made available to anyone in the channel. It comes as a great help while dealing with various number of links for blog content.




MailChimp is primarily used for email marketing. Integrating MailChimp and Slack together enables receiving updates while people subscribe and unsubscribe from your list. It also allows you to see the sent status of a campaign. After the MailChimp account is authenticated, you can pick and choose lists, notifications to monitor, etc.




It is a tool of collaborative project management that uses lists and cards in order to organise tasks within a project. It works very well for personal organisation. Slack and Trello when integrated, automatic updates are sent to a channel according to the activity on Trello cards. It is the second most popular integration to Slack. Integrating Trello with Slack can help your social media team be organised with the due tasks and brainstorming of ideas.


Besides these, Slack can be used with project management tools like Blossom and Asana. Slack naturally anticipates daily communication and puts it into context for your convenience. It expands with information if a link is posted. You have the advantage of playing videos from your chat room, and if an image is posted, you have a thumbnail to work with.

So much of good stuff for social media, right?


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