• This is How You can Boost Your Pinterest Popularity

This Is How You Can Boost Your Pinterest Popularity

Rajeev P | 3 APR 2015

More and more companies are choosing to get involved with Pinterest, but it can be difficult to create the desired level of engagement or ensure your pins are exposed to their full potential.

There are no quick passes to Pinterest popularity. Gaining followers and interaction on the site tends to be organic, boosted through effective tactics that increase your visibility.


Promote your pins

Pinterest themselves refer to promoted pins as ‘just as good and sometimes better than organic pins’. Information released regarding the Pinterest Beta program showed that promoted pins actually received very similar levels of interaction to regular posts, unlike promoted content on other networks which is often disregarded by users.

Just like any other advert, plan your promoted pins carefully. Try out a variety of images, text and categories to determine the combination that has the most potential before posting.


Try out rich pinning

Rich pins are pins that allow the users to add additional information regarding the content. This can help your pins stand out against the millions of other great looking pins posted on to Pinterest each day.

This further information could be anything, including apps, places, articles, products, movies or recipes, all of which are supported by Pinterest. Businesses especially will appreciate the introduction of product pins, which allow marketers to display their item along with its pricing and description in addition to a direct purchase link.


Team up with prevalent pinners

By collaborating on a board, you can widen both your reach and potential following. As your chosen contributors pin to your board, their followers will also become aware of your presence, leading to an increase in popularity.

In fact, in 2014, US-based store Target took part in a partnership with PoppyTalk, a lifestyle blogger with a strong presence on Pinterest.


Develop your personal style

Once you’ve developed an appropriate style to promote your Pinterest page, it will become recognizable to users. This could range from choosing a certain aesthetic to embellishing each image with your logo or URL.

Users will soon become familiar with your style and ensure you stay relevant in their minds, making them more likely to trust your pins, visit your page and re-pin your content.


Keep up with the trends

To stay relevant on Pinterest, try pinning into categories that are popular or trending. This increases your chance of being noticed by a large audience and will help to gain more followers in the process.

The most popular topic on Pinterest is ‘Food and Drink’. While you may not specialize in this area, there’s no harm in creating a board for your favourite foods, recipes or recommendations. People may come for the food, but they’ll stay for the other content you’ve provided.


Re-pin quality content

Pinterest specifically states that only uploading your own pins is a big mistake. Why? They won’t draw much attention, and you may end up looking as if you’re not clued up on what’s trending within your industry. Try pinning content that relates to your product or falls into a similar genre. You’ll stand a higher chance of users being drawn to your pins, leading them to your boards and ensuring they see your products too.


Optimize your pins for mobile users

Pinterest’s usage data shows that over 75% of users use a mobile device to access the site. To cater to mobile devices, ensure your images are optimized for smaller screens, especially if they involve text. The simplest way to check whether your pins will look great is to view it from your own smartphone before uploading.

By using these tactics, you stand a good chance of improving your visibility and popularity on Pinterest, leading to higher levels of interaction and attention.

Have you tried any of these methods to garner interest? Which ones worked for you?


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