• The Top 3 Ways to Host or Join a Social Media Discussion Group

The Top 3 Ways To Host Or Join A Social Media Discussion Group

Niraj Bagade | 6 OCT 2015

If networking is an integral part of your business’s promotion tactics, you may have considered an online networking session or discussion group to help you get in touch with the right people.

Whether you prefer Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, it doesn’t matter as all of these three key social networks offer an option for effective discussion groups.

Read on to learn more about using discussion groups for business on social networks and how you, as a business owner, could benefit from them.



Facebook groups

As the largest social network to date, it’s not surprising that Facebook offers a groups option. Despite the benefits of the large audience and relative ease of use, it should be noted that Facebook groups cannot be used via a business page – all interaction within a group takes place using personal profiles.

If you want to create a group to represent your business, using your personal profile is the only way. However, once it’s set up, you’ll be able to create promotional posts that are visible to all members by pinning your chosen post to the top of the page.

Links can also be posted, so try to encourage users to learn more about your company without being too pushy or sales-y.



Google+ communities

Whether you’re using a personal Google+ profile or a business page, you’ll be able to take part in Google+ communities. Launched in 2012, the Communities section is home to thousands of groups dedicated to every topic you could imagine.

The most important thing when posting within a Google+ Communities group is to ensure it is approved by the Google+ Community Moderation Filter. This filter means that any posts within your group that feature links will need to be moderated by a group admin before being published. So unless you own the group, beware of posting links to your business page that could be considered spam.

Ensure that all links are valuable enough for the community moderator to agree to publish. It can also be helpful if you’re already an active member of the group, as you’ll be recognised as someone who can be trusted.



LinkedIn groups

If businesses, other marketers or CEOs are the ones you market your products or services towards, LinkedIn is the place for you.

You’ll be able to discover business professionals who you may be able to build lasting partnerships with in the future. You can also establish yourself as an authority figure within your respective industry, leading to more interest and custom.


By setting up and hosting these groups, you can meet people from all over the world who share your values, take an interest in your industry and could benefit from what your business has to offer. You’ll also be able to monitor comments and discussions, learning more about your demographic in the process.

Have you considered creating a group to network with potential clients or business partners? Which social network have you found to be the most effective for your needs? We can’t wait to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.




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