• Marketing From Your Mobile: Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

Marketing From Your Mobile: Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Campaign

Niraj Bagade | 3 OCT 2015

Keeping up with social media for business is a job that’s never done. You constantly need to stay on top of your campaign and ensure it’s up to date and achieving your set goals. But it can be hard to do so when you’re already swamped with work. Thankfully, there are several helpful apps that can help you manage your marketing decisions without the need for complication.

So aside from the obvious Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps, what else should you be installing to make the most of your social media efforts? Read on to find out.




TrendSpottr helps you determine the up-and-coming trends to ensure your profile stays ahead of the crowd. You can choose to be alerted based on any hashtag, subject or keyword, and also discover tags or phrases that are likely to go viral.




To have a successful social media profile, you’ll need great content. ContentGems encourages the discovery of hot news and topics related to your listed topics.

The site keeps track of over 200,000 sources, and will alert you to the latest trends as and when they occur.




Nimble combines your social media and networking efforts in one place. It helps you to stay in touch with the contacts you value, regardless of which social network they prefer to use.

You can view your previous and current conversations with various prospects, helping you to gather and analyse details and data.




SocialBro combines your Twitter Analytics with optimised content to help you determine the tweets that generate the most audience engagement. If you’re already a user of a social management platform like HootSuite, SocialBro will integrate seamlessly, making it easy for you to utilise.

The additional tools allow you to create custom direct messages, work out the best time to tweet for your audience and even see who is following your lead competitors.




Looking for a simple way to follow up with potential customers? NeedTagger has you covered. The app enables the user to select search words that relate to their target audience and discover who is talking about your products, related phrases or even your competition!




Zuum integrates with your social networks in order to determine the content your audience have engaged with the most. Similar to Google Analytics, Zuum provides detailed reports and email alerts which encompass your stats.




Reputology focuses on your online reputation, including reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. The app will keep you informed of any new reviews that have been posted about you around the web, allowing you to respond in good time – whether the review was positive or negative!




Klout claims to ‘help people be great at social media’ and it does live up to that claim to an extent. While it won’t give you thousands of followers overnight, Klout will help you discover trends and content that will resonate your audience, helping you create improved posts. It’ll also give you a score based on your success!




Although it’s already known and utilised by most social media marketers, it’s certainly worth mentioning. HootSuite allows you to keep track of all your social media accounts in one place and schedule cross-platform posts that will reach your entire audience at once.


By combining these tools with your campaign, you’ll be able to keep on top of your social media tasks no matter how busy you get!

Which of these apps do you use on a regular basis? Would you consider trying out the others? Tell us what you think below!


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