• Making LinkedIn Work for You: 7 Tips for Success

Making LinkedIn Work For You: 7 Tips For Success

Niraj Bagade | 20 OCT 2015

LinkedIn is the number one social network for business, so there’s a good chance you’re already using it to promote yourself or your business professionally.

But there’s a big difference between a basic profile and one that’s been tailored for success. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track.



Make sure your profile is fresh and exciting.

More and more people are beginning to use LinkedIn for their professional needs, but they won’t spend long on your profile if it’s boring and uninformative.

Keep thinks fresh by adding your latest or most exciting projects to your profile, along with a great quality photo, eye-catching header and convincing tagline and summary.



Don’t neglect the platform when you don’t need it.

You may be guilty of only utilising LinkedIn when you need something, for example if you’re posting a job listing or checking out new prospects. But don’t let your profile just sit there when it’s not in use!

By using LinkedIn on a regular basis, you can steadily build contacts, improve your presence and strengthen working relationships.



Contacts can help you get ahead.

You may think it doesn’t matter how popular you are but when it comes to business, contacts are the key. Ideally, you’ll have a healthy mix of friends, family members, school and college associates, former co-workers, industry contacts and current colleagues.

While around 100 is a good start, there’s no harm in trying to reach the coveted 500+ symbol!



Exhibit brand consistency throughout your profile.

By using consistent brand design across your profile, you’ll be creating a memorable yet digestible form of online promotion as you begin to appear in the feeds of your associates. Use the same logos, fonts and colours that you use on your company website and other social media networks.



Make sure your profile page is complete.

According to statistics published by LinkedIn themselves, users with 100% completed profiles get around 46% more profile views than those who leave sections incomplete.

Think about what you could do with that extra 46%! Your additional viewers may lead to exciting opportunities.



Make sure you look and act the part.

It’s important to exhibit professional behaviour when using LinkedIn. You should also consider the feel and attitude that your brand is looking to get across. How would you want your potential business partners or clients to view you? Consider it, and then act accordingly to ensure you’re taking the right approach.

This could be anywhere from a relaxed tone for a casual brand to a more formal tone for brands suited to a more serious or upmarket environment.



Don’t be afraid to add visuals to your page.

Don’t shy away from photos, videos, presentations, publications, certifications, or anything else that’s relevant to what you have to offer.

While they may be out of place on a traditional résumé, LinkedIn is a different ball game where you’re expected to flaunt your expertise and success throughout the site.


Do you use LinkedIn to promote your business? Have you found any of this advice to be helpful for establishing a presence on the site? Tell us about your experiences below.


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