• Looking for a New Technique? Try a Podcast!

Looking For A New Technique? Try A Podcast!

Niraj Bagade | 28 NOV 2015

As a small or new business, you may be looking at your options when it comes to promoting yourself. There are the obvious social media networks as well as traditional advertising to choose from. But you may not have considered the benefits of podcasts or how they can be used to promote yourself online and generate leads.



What is a podcast?

To put it simply, a podcast is an audio file that is usually uploaded on a regular basis – a little like a radio show. The most common place to access and download podcasts is iTunes. However, many producers offer the recording through their own website or blog.

The length of a podcast is entirely up to the creator. It can be a matter of minutes, or you may wish to delve into deeper topics and allow the final recording to reach an hour or two!

However, podcasts usually rely on subscriptions, so the difficulty comes with promoting your podcast in order to gather followers, subscribers and listeners.

While it may take a little hard work to get your audience to subscribe, you’ll be creating a reliable, loyal fan base who will be instantly notified each time you upload a new podcast. This should be on a regular schedule, such as weekly, monthly, or on designated days.



What do I need to get started?

You don’t need a whole host of expensive equipment to get started with podcasts. The most important thing is your microphone, and ensuring that everyone who will be speaking during the podcast has access to a microphone of their own and the knowledge of how to use it.

The microphones can be easily attached to your computer ready to record – or you could even record your session over the internet!

Many people choose to record their podcasts through Skype as it allows industry pros to add their two cents without having to travel to the local area.

Once recorded, you may wish to clean up your audio using editing software of your choice.



I’m ready to go – now what?

Your podcast will only be a success if you’re truly enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the topic, so choose something you’re familiar with.

This could be the type of products you create, your industry, people who inspire you, the benefits of products similar to your own – the options are endless! As long as it’s something you feel your demographic would want to listen to, it’s worth considering.

After all, your listeners are the most important part! Try to ensure that your content is valuable by adding helpful hints, tips and facts where possible.

You should also choose a ‘feel’ for your podcast and stick to it. Will you be serious or silly? It’s up to you, but remember to bear in mind that your audience will appreciate the consistency.


Would you ever consider creating a podcast to promote your business? What would you talk about? Tell us your ideas and plans below, we’d love to share your excitement!


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