• Instagram Marketing 101: How to run a Successful ad

Instagram Marketing 101: How To Run A Successful Ad

Niraj Bagade | 5 NOV 2015

We recently wrote about Instagram’s rise as a social media authority, to the point is has overtaken Twitter in its number of active users.

It’s therefore not surprising in the least that many brands and businesses nowadays use Instagram for business. If you’re currently utilising the network as a promotional tool, you may be wondering how you could enhance your reach and engagement further. The answer? Instagram ads.

Advertising on Instagram will help you increase your visibility across the site as well as connecting with prospective customers and existing fans too. Here’s how to get started:



Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts

Firstly, you’ll need to connect your Instagram account and Facebook page. This way, you’ll be able to create and edit your ads using the reliable, effective Facebook Power Editor.

To do so, visit the ‘Settings’ section of your Facebook page and select ‘Instagram Ads’ in the left-hand column. You’ll then be prompted to add an account.

Once connected, you’ll be able to feature your existing Facebook ads on Instagram, or create new ones with Instagram in mind.



Choose the type of ad you’d prefer

When creating an ad for Instagram, you’ll have three options to choose from, depending on the objective of your ad:

  • Increase clicks to your website.
  • Increase mobile app installs.
  • Increase video views.

Your ad will vary depending on the goal you’ve chosen. Instagram ads include images, videos and carousel ads.



Select your target audience

If you’re familiar with Facebook ad targeting, you may be pleased to learn that many of the same options apply to Instagram, for example, actions, demographics, interests and locations.

You’ll set your preferences outlining your target audience when you set up your ad. While the only mandatory options are location, age and gender, you will certainly benefit from including more information, so do a little research into your ideal consumer beforehand.



Work on your visual content

Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s important to make sure that the content you post is high quality and engaging. Instagram users are used to seeing stunning imagery in their feed, so you won’t be able to impress them using a low-resolution photo or generic stock image.

A compelling visual will grab their attention and heighten your chances of consumer engagement.



Include a call to action

When posting an Instagram ad, you can add as much text as you want! This enables you to go into more detail about the product or service you’re marketing and include a call to action to boost engagement, traffic or even sales.

It doesn’t have to be much – just enough to drive some action from users. Ideas include:

  • Show us your favourite photo with [your product].
  • Click the link below.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Tag your friends to share.



Keep an eye on popular trends

Hashtags and trends are just as important on Instagram as they are on Twitter, from #ThrowbackThursday to #NoFilter.

By keeping up with these trends, you’ll be able to add a little of your brand personality to the tag, as well as to capitalise on its success.


Have you considered taking your Instagram account further by utilising ads? Do you agree they could be a helpful tool for building online presence for your brand? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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