• Influencer Marketing: 5 Tools to Successfully Build Your Brand

Influencer Marketing: 5 Tools To Successfully Build Your Brand

Niraj Bagade | 9 FEB 2016

When beginning to build your brand, most businesspeople decide to market to their target audience as a whole. Yet, this can be a time-consuming, frustrating and ineffective way. While potential clients can be found practically anywhere, from Google to social media to in-person referrals, etc., influencer marketing makes the experience much simpler. It is the process of marketing to specific individuals rather than the entire target audience. By using influencer marketing, brands can easily expand their exposure to potential clients and increase their chances of resonating with them. For example, a fashion brand might reach out to successful retail bloggers, who could potentially share the brand’s products with their following. To put it simply, an influencer is typically a person or company whose revenue, following, traffic and success can act as a platform to spread a brand’s message and product to potential customers.

Influencer marketing is the key to a brand’s success, although it is often at times tricky to navigate. There are so many options of social media outlets to use that it can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, though, there are quite a few free tools out there that can help you identify potential influencers and individuals who will help clearly communicate your message to the right audience. To make it easier, we have listed the five top tools that can successfully build your brand. They are as under:



1. FollowerWonk: This tool is simple and easy to work with, allowing you to search for keywords in Twitter user bios and tweets to find those with the largest and best reach. The free version of FollowerWonk contains some nifty features to help sort through analytics. These include the ability to compare the followers of up to three different Twitter accounts and their usage of the searched keyword. By using this feature, you can easily identify social media influencers who are following and interacting with your competitors, but not with you. Thousands of people and brands use this tool to connect with social media influencers and reach their audience, including Skullcandy, Xerox, and IMAX.



2. Klout: Widely used with thousands of positive reviews, Klout is the most recognisable tool on this list. It uses a scoring system to find influencers from the social media. However, it has been criticised as of late. Nevertheless, it has grabbed the attention of thousands of brands and people, since it launched in 2008. Primarily, it is best used to measure your own social media influence and plan from there. By recognising your own statistics, it is then much easier to identify influencers who will best connect you with your target audience.



3. PeerIndex: The features used on PeerIndex are so easy to use and effective, anyone trying to reach to their target audience must definitely use this tool. They believe that the real influence is measured by its ability to motivate, conversation and action, rather than its followers count or how much content is posted.  PeerIndex also uses one’s niche or specialty to connect them with influencers.



4. Twtrland: If you’re looking for influencers who are already engaging with you and those within your specific network, Twtrland is for you. Its most useful feature contains the ability to filter influencers by categories including celebrities, power users, casual and novice. In addition, it is easy to navigate and helps set realistic targets.



5. Kred: Finally, Kred is a good tool for those beginning with expanding their brand. They measure influenced based on evaluating mentions, retweets, replies and follows on Twitter. In addition, to help measure your own analytics, it offers an “Outreach Score” based on how often you interact with others on Twitter, as well.



This hype building tools are definitely a blessing, when it comes to influencer marketing. However, your opinion on these tools matter the most. Do share your experience and feedback on these tools in comments!


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