• How to Use Visuals to Engage with Your Followers

How To Use Visuals To Engage With Your Followers

Rajeev P | 20 MAR 2015

Creating visual content as part of your social media marketing campaign can help raise level of engagement on your social media pages. In fact, it’s been proven that posts featuring images are the most shared posts on social media.

But visual posts are not all the same, so any savvy marketer will need to do their research and select the types of visual media that are sure to garner the most interaction.

Visual Bullets

Visual bullets refer to a selection of images, combined with a headline and captions. Each image is usually used to portray a fact or a slice of information, almost appearing like an infographic.

Each ‘bullet’ should be relevant to the headline, however the bullets do not necessarily need to have anything in common.


A storyboard will also feature a headline and a caption, however what makes them different to visual bullets is the fact that each image is interconnected to tell a story or portray a set of instructions.

For example, a storyboard graphic may show users how to successfully tie a shoelace or knot a tie. They are ideal for showing off your expertise on the topic, especially when the instructions are related to your product or niche.

By providing information that your viewers will find informative, you’ll likely generate interaction in the form of likes, comments and shares.

Word Art

Illustrating a word can create an impact on your audience. Ideally, you should use interesting designs or even humour to portray the meaning of the word within the image, further enhancing its connotations.

While everyone can appreciate this method, you could take it a little further by turning your image into a pun or a play on words. Your viewers will try to crack the meaning, proceeding to share it with their friends to see if they find it fun too.


Diagrams are infographic style images that decipher each individual part of a particular image in order to explain its overall concept. Think back to anatomy books used in schools, in which the parts of the body are labelled and described.

You’ll be able to show a picture of your product, along with relevant labels explaining its features, showing users directly how the product could benefit them.

This method can be even more successful if you inject a little fun or humour into your descriptions. Your creativity will be appreciated when users find themselves laughing along and pressing ‘like’ on your content.


Memes have become an integral part of the internet, usually shared in the form of images with a humorous or memorable caption. These captions can be easily edited, providing they follow the same joke or running theme, allowing you to incorporate your product or service in them.

Creating a meme is easy, in fact, you won’t even need to use design software to do it! Sites like Meme Generator have caught on to the trend, allowing users to create free memes based on anything they’d like.


Visual elements are a key factor when marketing your business on social media. They can make your posts stand out, attract more followers and increase the likelihood of engagement.

While you may not get it right the first time, playing with images and sharing your ideas can help you discover what works in the long term.

Have you tried any of these methods in the past? Let us know which image styles you’ve found the most effective and feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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