• How to Use Vine as a Tool to Promote Your Brand

How To Use Vine As A Tool To Promote Your Brand

Niraj Bagade | 26 JAN 2016

It’s no surprise that some business owners still don’t know the importance of Vine when it comes to establishing an online presence. In fact, before writing this piece, I actually asked a guy who has been trying to carve a presence for his products online: Whether he has ever made use of the Vine app, and guess what? He doesn’t even know what Vine is in the first place!

So, what’s Vine? Vine is a tool that helps any smartphone user to create exceptionally sharable six-second videos. Yes, you read that correct - only six seconds!

The tool is user-friendly, and you don't even need any video expertise at all to be able to create a video with it, which is why a lot of people are inclined to use it.

Besides, its video shooting and editing abilities, Vine is like a number of other societal channels. With it, you’re able to see a flow of videos from those you’re following, share your opinion and network to develop an active audience.

So, how can one use Vine as a tool to promote my brand? 

Companies today are open to use pictures or video as a promotion tool. The reason for this is simple enough - they're far more powerful and engaging than plain old text (articles, websites, etc.). And no matter how well you write, a video is worth a million words. That is the reason why you should use Vine as a social media promotion tool.


Here are a few ways to use Vine as a tool to promote your brand:


1Showcase your brand style: If you have ever wanted to symbolise your business or brand as an enjoyable brand, then, show off some great fun office events.


2Use how-to videos: Using how-to videos associated with your product could be an effective method to reveal how your product should be used for greater results. For instance, if your product has to do with food, you can show various methods of using it.


3New content: Give your followers something refreshing and new. USA Today offers its followers a glance of today's paper and uses this technique.


4Promotion of the brand symbol/ logo: Yes, market your brand logo by creating a video around it.


5Hashtags: Using hashtags is additionally an effective strategy to share your idea with lots of people.


6Encourage conversation: Engage your audience with interesting and creative content. This will start a conversation and, in turn, spread the word about your brand or product.


7Sneak peek: Give your audience, a sneak peek, of your forthcoming product, give them a tour or a behind the scenes look. This may make them connect with your brand or to your business.


As social media evolves, so do the many ways and means of reaching out to your followers. With attention spans falling, it's recommended to keep your advertising efforts as brief as possible, but impactful. Using the most recent tools like Vine is an excellent tool for companies to get easily noticed.


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