• How to Use Twitter DMs to Improve Your Customer Service

How To Use Twitter DMs To Improve Your Customer Service

Rajeev P | 2 JUN 2015

Any Twitter user will be familiar with the concept of direct messages, but have you ever considered how they could be applied to your customer service techniques?

If you want to improve your communication with your followers, DMs could be all you need to show them that you’re a business willing to go the extra mile.


How do Twitter DMs work?

By using direct messages (DMs) you’ll be able to chat directly with other Twitter users. It used to be that you’d have to be following each other to allow private messaging. However the system has been updated to allow discussions with those who have chosen not to follow. 

This is far more ideal as it removes the potential barrier between your customer service representative and the user seeking help.

To allow any user to message you, all you need to do is visit the Security and Privacy settings page and check the box that states ‘Receive Direct Messages from anyone’. Simple!


So, how can they be used to improve my Customer Service?

  • After switching on this new feature, you’ll be able to invite your followers (and potential consumers) to DM you with any queries they may have in relation to your service.
  • By responding professionally and in good time, you’ll be viewed as a reliable company who are helpful, polite and essentially one that customers would be happy to buy from or utilize.
  • You’ll also increase your chances of avoiding bad reviews and ensuring customers return. If they have a complaint that’s promptly and effectively dealt with, the consumer will be more likely to look past any negative experiences.
  • It’ll also save you time in responding to queries regarding specific orders. It’s easy to simply ask the user to DM you their order reference!


Encourage your followers to send a DM

Many Twitter users choose to ignore their DMs due to the amount of spam that often circulates throughout the site.

This means if they contact you via. a tweet, they may not notice if you respond with a DM instead. Reply to their tweet inviting them to send a DM. This way, they’ll be on the lookout for your message and you’ll be resolving their issues in no time.

Replying to the tweet will also show your other followers and customers that you’re making the most of the site and doing what you can to help out users who need advice.


Don’t be a spammer

Despite the obvious benefits of sending direct messages on Twitter, it’s important to avoid sending any unsolicited messages that could be perceived as spam.

If a user receives an automated spam message, there’s a good chance they’ll unfollow and block the account that sent it. Once blocked, these users will not be able to see any of the content you post, meaning your marketing efforts will be going to waste. This is obviously not ideal if you’re hoping to build lasting relationships with consumers.

Once you make the commitment to upping your customer service game, your followers are bound to notice your efforts. Remember to stay polite and be as helpful as possible to ensure a positive experience that’s sure to result in returning customers.

Also did you hear about Twitter lifting the 140 characters limit in DMs? Do you think it'll help brands on Twitter?


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