• How to Use Tumblr to Show off the Creative Side of Your Company

How To Use Tumblr To Show Off The Creative Side Of Your Company

Niraj Bagade | 15 MAR 2016

If you have never used Tumblr, then you probably do not know how it can benefit your company. Tumblr is a microblogging site where you get to write blogs a little bigger than Twitter but shorter than traditional blogs. The most outstanding feature about Tumblr is that it differentiates your posts according to text, chat, photo, quote, link, audio or video and so is rather organised in that sense. 



What you can do with Tumblr

Social media has become a marketing strategy that you as a brand cannot do without. While Instagram can engage with audiences through your photos, Tumblr can be used to show company projects creatively using a whole lot of media. A company can build awareness, educate customers or simply improve customer service relations with a Tumblr blog. Depending on what your target segment is, your blog will revolve around that audience who is looking for the posts which are suited for their purpose. 


Create how-to videos

By creating how-to videos, you can show the world how you do what you do and how they can do the same. The content does not even have to be related to your products directly as long as it offers some useful tips and gives audiences what they are looking for.



How you should post on Tumblr

Tumblr encourages creativity, and you can impress and engage audiences, if you have designed the blog creatively and yet kept it functional. Use a blog name that clearly indicates what the blogs will be about. Tumblr is visual content driven so take time to create posts that take advantage of this and post relevant pictures, images, infographics, and videos. However, it is the audience that will dictate what kind of posts they would like, and so you need to post according to what the audience likes and responds to. Tumblr users like humour and fun, so posting fun content engages them better. Tag the posts so that people can find what they are looking for.




Why your brand should be on Tumblr

Tumblr, like other social media networks, publishes millions of posts per day. Why Tumblr is important for companies is because it has a huge number of young users. If you are a brand that is targeting millennials, then you can use Tumblr to showcase your brand. Using Tumblr is easy and while it is considered a content site, the way to create an audience is to use images and make them as fanciful as you want. You can create any layout you want as Tumblr encourages you to be as creative as you want. You can intersperse your content with fun GIF images that are also entertaining, and that's bound to engage your audiences.

As a company, you can use Tumblr as a blog that is related to your brand for example, biscuits. The posts can be all about biscuits, but at the same time, you can entersperse it with what you are doing in your business. You can add images of the conference you had or how your R&D is working on a new flavour.


Are you now considering to board on Tumblr? Do share your thoughts and experiences about using Tumblr as a promotional tool!


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