• How to Use Google+ Collections to Organise Posts

How To Use Google+ Collections To Organise Posts

Niraj Bagade | 28 JUL 2015

Earlier this year, Google released the ‘Collections’ feature for Google Plus. The tool is aimed at those who frequently connect with others who share their interests or ideas and allows the user to organise their posts by topic.

If you’re sharing a lot of updates with your reader base, you may want to make reading a little easier for them. This feature helps sort your posts and read the updates they’re most interested in as quickly as possible.

Read on to discover how to organise these updates effectively using Google+ Collections.


Be specific

  • When searching for content that fits their interests, your viewers will become frustrated if they have to look through a scattering of unrelated posts.
  • Don’t be vague in your descriptions.
  • Choose set topics and stick to them, allow the user to find precisely what they’re looking for.
  • They can always view more than one collection if they’re looking to explore multiple themes.


Document your campaigns

If you’ve done anything noteworthy to promote your business, why not use a collection to document your progress towards it?

This could include photos of promotional events, entries discussing upcoming plans or stories relating to previous events and how they were successful. By reading about these exciting campaigns, users will become excited at the prospect of being involved or at the very least, view you as a company who takes their work and promotion seriously.


Organize your ideas

When you’re sharing a lot of great ideas or tips, these can often become muddled or cluttered.

By organising them into collections, your profile will become reminiscent of a Pinterest board layout, using separate collections or boards for different topics and ideas.


Keep promos separate

If your readers are looking for informative content, they may not wish to see fillers, freebies or promos that prevent them from getting to where they need to be.

While promos, contests and ads can be beneficial, it’s probably best to put them in their own collection. That way, people hoping to enter can easily find them while others are able to skip straight to the facts they need.


Show off your USPs

What’s so great about your business?

Let your followers know by organising your skills, products, services or unique selling points into specific boards. That way, they’ll be able to click on the product or service they’re looking for and read any content you’ve posted that demonstrates why they should choose you over a competitor.


Focus on the news

  • Try to keep news, current events or changes to your blog away from old posts that may now be less relevant.
  • As with your other posts, news updates should also be categorized by topic for ease of use.
  • Ideally, you should have a board titled ‘News’, ‘What’s New’ or something similar, so that visitors can easily keep up with your latest updates and avoid getting caught up in old content.


It’s clear to see how these simple methods could make browsing your content much easier for visitors, which is the key for encouraging them to return in the future.

Have you tried out Google+ Collections yet? Would you consider using it to organise your posts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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