• How to use Circles to Make the Most of Google Plus

How To Use Circles To Make The Most Of Google Plus

Niraj Bagade | 29 OCT 2015

If you’re planning on building a network on Google Plus for marketing purposes, it would be wise to do a little research beforehand. By doing so, you’ll discover the best ways to keep your connections organised with circles and get the most out of Google’s homegrown social network.

By sorting your connections into much simpler circles, you’ll be able to target your content to specific audiences with ease, allowing who you want to see what you want, when you want. Here’s what you need to do:



Add people to your circles

To begin with, you’ll need to add people to your circles – or there will be no-one to market to! Think of each circle a little like a Twitter List, just with more customizable options.

You’ll notice that Google+ profiles have several default circles, including Acquaintances, Family, Following and Friends. A Google+ page, however, will come loaded with Customers, Following, Team Members and VIPs.

Regardless of which category you’re working with, you will, of course, have the opportunity to create your own circles to suit your needs. As a business user, it’s likely you have a page set up rather than a profile, so expect to see business orientated options as you navigate the network.

Adding someone to a circle is easy. Upon visiting a profile, simply click the ‘Add to Circles’ or ‘Follow’ button. Feel free to add the same person to multiple circles if they fall into multiple categories.



Filter your stream to stay organised

If you’re following a lot of people, you’ll probably want to filter your stream (Google+ News Feed) based on the people and pages you actually wish to see updates from.

Consider how you’d like to organise the content you’re shown, then create circles based on your preferences.

Then, you’ll be able to use the menu bar to filter your feed, only showing content from the circles you’ve chosen.



Market to your circles directly

Another benefit of keeping your connections organised using circles is the ability to target them directly with your content. After all, you may have separate audiences who are interested in different elements of your business and may not want to see everything you have to offer.

  • Consider whether your circles may enjoy exclusive content that your other connections may not.
  • Edit the settings of your posts and updates to ensure only the relevant circles receive them.
  • Send out promotional emails to selected circles only.
  • Create a Google+ Hangout to broadcast to and communicate with your chosen audience.

These are just a few of the many ways you could use customised circles to alter and adapt your digital marketing strategy to those who have an interest in specific areas of your business. Get creative and see what works for you. Plus, you can always rely on the ‘public’ option and create posts that are suitable to all your connections.


Do you use Google+ for business? If so, how do you use circles to keep your connections organised? Do you filter your content based on specific categories? Share your organisational tips and tricks for Google+ in the comments below!


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