• How to Protect Your Twitter Reputation (and Why it’s Important!)

How To Protect Your Twitter Reputation (and Why It’s Important!)

Rajeev P | 14 APR 2015

If you’re using Twitter for social marketing, you’re probably aware of how the way you present yourself can have an effect on the way you’re viewed by your followers, other brands and potential consumers.

While sending a tweet is easy, it’s important to put a little thought into each one, ensuring it won’t damage your reputation, even if it was well meaning.

Thankfully, there are a number of common mistakes that you may recognise. By reviewing them, you can learn how to avoid making the same errors in the future.


Verify your information

Regular Twitter users will be familiar with the fake celebrity deaths or inaccurate news reports that seem to appear on a regular basis. All it takes is one misinformed Tweet for these false stories to go viral, especially if it’s regarding an important current event or famous person.

By ensuring every information you post is correct, you’ll get a positive reputation as a reliable news source. Similarly, before posting any links, ensure they lead to verified sources.


Get to know your audience

Trying to market your product or service before forming a relationship with your followers is simply not going to work.

You need to post regularly and become involved with your audience in order to play on their interests and values. Do your research. Figure out what they want to see and post tweets they’re likely to engage with. Once they’re interested in your account, they’ll become interested in your services organically.

Don’t be afraid to help out prospective users and join in with relevant conversations. Your efforts will be sure to draw positive attention towards your profile.


Quick responses are appreciated

While it may be acceptable to take a while to respond to a formal letter or even an email, when a user sends a Tweet, they’re likely to be looking for a quick response, due to the simplistic yet fast paced nature of the site.

By responding to queries or comments in real time, you’ll gain further reputation for having excellent customer service.


Keep your tweets consistent

If you tweet relentlessly for one day then disappear for weeks, you’ll look inconsistent and your followers may simply forget about you.

Plan your posting frequency in advance, for example three tweets per day (excluding interactions) and stick to it.

If you’re busy and not sure you’ll be able to stick to a schedule, try using a service such as Buffer to schedule your tweets. Content can be queued to be posted at a time of your choosing.


Face up to your faults

If a tweet you’ve posted receives a lot of criticism, it’s time to do a little damage control. While your first instinct may be to delete the tweet, running away from the problem doesn’t solve anything as the mistake will still be unresolved in the minds of your followers.

Instead, respond to criticism in a quick, positive manner, apologise if you’re in the wrong and help cool down those who have been angered or offended by the situation.


Avoid becoming automated

Automation tools can be effective. However, you may come across as too impersonal if a high percentage of your content is automated.

Followers will appreciate the fact they’re interacting with a real person, so try to get involved whenever you have the time.

By taking the steps to prevent damage to your reputation, you can be sure to stay in your followers’ good books, leading them to view and interact with your profile more and even purchase your product.


Have you ever taken a blow to your reputation on social media? Tell us how you resolved it in comments!


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