• How to Promote Your Brand On Snapchat In 5 Simple Ways

How To Promote Your Brand On Snapchat In 5 Simple Ways

Niraj Bagade | 29 JAN 2016

No doubt Snapchat still looks new and foreign to most companies, just like Twitter and Facebook when they first came out.

Yet, even though its focus is on sending picture and video messages one at a time (which also expire after a time period you set), it may be hard to see the possible advantages of this popular social media app, which remains one of the most famous downloads in both the Apple and Android app stores.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages to use Snapchat and that includes promoting your brand to humanise your business and stick out from your competition.


Here’s how to promote your brand on Snapchat:

1. Send out exclusive promotions

For businesses which have a shop or eCommerce existence, this is an excellent strategy while engaging with users on the brand new platform to capitalise on the fleeting nature of Snapchat. Because Snapchat does not permit you to send snapshots to users who haven't added you back, you're already dealing with a more engaged user base (because they'll recognise you as a friend first).

This can enable you to reward faithfulness as well as allow you to build your audience base on the societal app.


2. Show how fun it is behind the scenes

Like most social networks, Snapchat was made in the spirit of having fun while pictorially touching base with individuals users love most. Any business that wants to achieve success with Snapchat should heed this same spirit.

One method to do so is to utilise your Snapchat account to reveal to users things they ordinarily would not find on other social networks or through most marketing campaigns. This gives them a ground to socialise with you on the platform.


3. Offer compensations and coupons

Coupon messages and snappy reduction offerings are one of the most effective ways businesses use Snapchat for promotion.

Offers and coupons will definitely have a time limit. With the self-destruct feature of Snapchat, you will not have to worry about explaining why the offer has expired.

Recognising the very fact that coupons and likely offers are limited by time, Snapchat users are going to have an incentive to always stay up to date with all your company offers, waiting for the next discount coupon to drop. You’ll have to send them promo codes they will need to present to redeem a coupon. This way you get them hooked on your offers.


4. Preview new products

You have an opportunity to let your fans and followers have a sneak peek of new products once you have enough fan base.

Creating buzz about products is an excellent method to make certain the sales fly high when the product finally goes on sale. Your Snapchat followers will be running into your shop head-first before anyone else does, to get the product once it drops.


5. Notify your customers about events and special sales

Tell your customers every time there's a special sale or event. Flash sales are an excellent way to ask customers looking to use the most recent sales offers to come have a fill. You can make the event invites exclusive to your faithful customers and can also limit this to just the most devoted supporters and followers.

Invite them to a tour behind the scenes or for a flavour of the newest food product. They will love it and would not forget you in a hurry.


With a user base running into the millions, Snapchat is a workable societal platform that should not be dismissed by most companies.

Have you ever tried using Snapchat to your business? Share your experiences with us!


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