• How to Make Your Website Ready for Social Media Marketing

How To Make Your Website Ready For Social Media Marketing

Niraj Bagade | 18 MAR 2016

Social media marketing is a practice where we try to create awareness about a particular product or services using social media channels. The ultimate aim for all these social media marketing is to increase the website traffic by creating interest among the interested audience.



Reasons for social media marketing

The primary reason is that social media provides a platform for spreading awareness about a particular topic, cause, service or product. Social media posting can become viral and spread the word about a website faster and cheaper than any TV commercial. As millions of people spend their time on social media platforms, it’s very easy to get people’s attention and utilise that for the betterment of your business.



How to make your website ready for social media marketing:

  1. Choose the right platforms: Before starting a media campaign, it is crucial to select the right platforms. You can choose platforms based on the existing customer base you have or based on the ease of using the platform. Rather than spreading the word everywhere, it’s advisable to concentrate on specific social networks and create awareness there.
  2. Optimise your social media profiles: Once you create your social media accounts, make sure your social profiles are complete and look great to the visitors. With your profile, you are creating the first impression in your reader’s mind which can help increase traffic to your website. Some measures you can take are - use a recent and real photo of yourself or your business logo, write the information clearly about your website and include links to your website on your social profiles, etc.
  3. Connect your website with social media widgets: Once you have your website ready, you must make sure that all the pages are shareable over different social media platform easily. More sharing means more people are reading your articles on social media which means more traffic to the website. You can use social media widgets for Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. 
  4. Find and follow: It is a common thinking that we should concentrate on the search for more followers for our website and should not waste time in following others. But this thinking won't probably work. If you want your website to get more exposure, you should focus on both; creating a balance between whom you are following and who is following you.
  5. Content is the king: Social media is driven by content. Content which is interesting to the readers is bound to get more visitors. So whenever you are writing something on your website, make sure the content is great. You must use text, pictures, videos and animation for creating an excellent traffic puller website. If your content is great in terms of quality, you are sure to get more traffic to your website.


So, to summarise, making your website popular is neither a simple nor a single step process. It’s a journey towards excellence and about being more relevant to the users. By following above mentioned steps, you are sure to fare well in social media marketing using your newly created website!


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