• How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

How To Make Your Videos Stand Out

Niraj Bagade | 16 FEB 2016

Video marketing is a widely popular tool used in promoting a brand through social media. Not only is it resourceful, but it appeals to many with its creative and interactive approach. Videos can be embedded in apps, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, websites and more. Social media outlets and videos go hand-in-hand, so video marketing is essential to expand your brand in today’s market. In addition, proven studies have shown that videos are 50 times more likely to receive organic traffic than traditional text posts. Impressive, right? However, it is essential to make your videos stand out from the others displayed throughout the social media. Although it seems daunting, it is actually much easier than you would think! We have provided a guide for you below with five essential aspects that make a great video.



1. Title:

This is (usually) the first thing the viewer sees. It can pull a heavy amount of traffic and attention, so make the title count. When you use appropriate keywords in the title, it is much more likely to pop-up on search engines when people are searching for your topic, as well. With that in mind, remember Google owns YouTube, so there’s a close correlation between video and searches.



2. Content:

Make sure the content of your video counts. If it is not quality content, do not use it! Take a moment to think about the viewer, what they’d find valuable from the video, what message you want to communicate, etc. Showcase your expertise and highlight important messages and items. This way, you are positioning yourself as an expert, helping you to expand your brand!



3. Length:

No matter how amazing the content is, no one wants to watch a 20-minute video. Long videos that seem to drag on forever almost always result in an uninterested viewer, a quick exit out of the video, and movement onto the next most exciting thing. Make the videos short, under all circumstances. This way, you can highlight what you want the viewer to know in a concise format and continue to engage them.



4. URL:

When in the final editing stages of your video, take advantage of the different editing tools and features. One easy and essential one is to add a text box or description to your video. In this section, display your website address so the viewer knows where to go next. This increases your exposure tremendously, as well!



5. Branding opportunities:

For branding purposes, display your logo or tagline prominently in some area of the screen. You can keep this displayed throughout the entire video or only during key moments. In addition, you can insert follow-up links on the screen. There, your viewer can simply click on the link to go to the next video or website, if interested. Also, add some relevant designs or graphics in the video that make the video more interesting while still relating to the message or business at hand.


So are you ready to shoot or make your next promo? 


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