• How to Increase Your Facebook Posts Reach Without Spending on Facebook Ads

How To Increase Your Facebook Posts Reach Without Spending On Facebook Ads

Niraj Bagade | 2 FEB 2016

Probably you have noticed a drop in your Facebook reach and have been trying to find methods to reach more efficiently to your audience. Your posts are not just ‘shared’ and ‘liked’ as before, and this has left you searching for a way out as you don’t want to spend on Facebook Ads. Well, fret not; there are ways to go around it without spending on Facebook Ads.

Like everything online, excellent content will always predominate, no matter what. Below are some tips to use to increase your reach on Facebook without shelling out a single penny for Ads.



1. Create wonderful content

For starters, this is the very first thing you need to do. Wonderful and powerful content that speaks straight to your customers, and crowd is the best thing you could do. Nevertheless, it does need a strategy. The easiest way to have something to share would be to blog, shoot pictures, and create an online personality. It is simpler to have something of value to share when you have excellent content in your site and other online websites.



2. Embed your posts

You already know your audience does not only hang out on Facebook, but all over the web as well. By embedding that post on your site, you can expand the reach. This will certainly get your Facebook posts in front of your website viewers, which in turn will enable them to view your posts off Facebook.



3. Encourage shares and likes

The Facebook algorithm operates in such a way that the more ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ a post has, the more it will reach out to bigger audience. One simple strategy to get something quite important out there is to encourage your followers to like or share it on their network. You can just do that with a truly excellent content. If you have good content, people will always share and like it. However, generally do not ask for shares or likes, as this could do you more harm than good. Moreover, if you have done an excellent job of establishing a connection with your viewers, you'll realise this will probably not be difficult to do.



4. Mix up your content

The common belief used to be that every post ought to have an image. While it is a great approach as good as it has a longer shelf life, it's wise to mix content up.



5. Become a content curator

It all comes back to content that is excellent. Greater numbers of individuals will tune in when you've got an excellent content to share. Shared videos, pictures, and posts which will keep your followers coming back for more. And if they are always coming for more, it means they enjoy your content and will probably be sharing it with their friends and family. You were looking for ways to increase your reach right? – well, you have it.



6. Ask your fans to receive notifications

Perhaps you have found that you get notifications from your top friends on Facebook. Are you aware that you could get exactly the same kind of notifications from fan pages? Sure, you can, and a lot of people do it. To get notifications, hover over the "Like" image and click on 'notifications'. When you do that, you'll get an immediate notification each time the page is updated. There is nothing wrong with requesting your followers to do the same for your fanpage. Again, when you have already developed a good relationship with them and share wonderful content, why wouldn’t they?

If your Facebook reach has slowly decreased in the past weeks or you are just trying to increase your post reach, then try these tips in this article!


We hope that this article was useful for you to promote your brand on Facebook. In case you have any issues or concerns on promoting your social media page, do write to us or comment your queries and we would be happy to help you! 


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