• How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Followers Without Spending on Ads

How To Grow Your LinkedIn Company Followers Without Spending On Ads

Niraj Bagade | 23 FEB 2016

You have probably put an emphasis on your social media presence for your company. You have a Facebook page for your company, as well as a Twitter account. You may even have a Google+ page. One thing that you may have overlooked or have not spent much time on is your LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn company pages offer analytics that will help you track the attention your page is getting on LinkedIn. You can use this to promote your latest news. There are so many different ways that you can benefit from having a presence on LinkedIn.

When you have a LinkedIn company page, you will want to find a way to get as many followers as possible. You could utilise the ads program, but not everyone has the means to spend that kind of money. Luckily for you, you can grow your LinkedIn company page followers without needing this program. Here are 5 ways that you can do this:



1. Enlist the help of your employees

This is actually a pretty simple way to get more exposure. Get your employees to add your page as their place of employment. This will make them followers of your page and automatically boost your numbers. Once this happens, suggest that they use this tag as part of their email signatures to draw attention to your site. This is essentially free marketing.



2. You should also use your company page in email signature

This should not just be used as part of your own email signature, but as a part of your blogs or newsletters. Invite subscribers, people you email and pretty much anyone else that you can to follow your company page.



3. Utilise LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Groups are a popular thing. Through the groups, you can engage with other people and draw them to your company page so that they can also become followers. This may need some time and effort but it is a great and free way to advertise your company page.



4. YouTube videos

It has been observed that people are more attracted to LinkedIn pages with videos than those pages that write simple things all the time. Posting your informative YouTube videos on your company page can raise engagement and encourage people to follow your page.



5. Use your company page for news

People like to get the news first, and they love to get their company news from LinkedIn. That may be the reason that they joined LinkedIn after all. Sharing any relevant company news on your company page will ensure that people will start to follow your page.


Remember that once you get these followers, you will want to make sure that you actively engage with them. This follower relationship must be one that is mutually beneficial. If you are not going to bother to actively engage with your followers, you really should not even bother to grow them.

These five methods are a great way to get your company out there on LinkedIn and that comes at little expense to you. LinkedIn is such an under-utilised tool, mostly because people are not sure how to properly use this site to their advantage. Make your company page stand out and the followers will come.


Have you been using LinkedIn to promote your page and networking? We'd love to hear your business networking stories using LinkedIn, so do write to us! 


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