• How to Grow Your E-Mail List Using Social Media?

How To Grow Your EMail List Using Social Media

Niraj Bagade | 8 MAR 2016

Your email list is one of the most important and intimate thing that helps your brand grow. Social media is essential for nurturing customers, building relationships and engaging prospects, besides building leads.

What is a lead by the way? It's anyone who visits the website and shows interest in your product by leaving behind their email for further communication. The more leads you have, the more your sales shall increase. Social media can be extensively used to brand your website for lead generation. Here are few ways that can help you can grow your email list using social media:




Social media is a great platform to build your email list. You can host a contest on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to collect leads from people who are interested in your products. When it comes to gathering emails, you need to have tools that integrate your email marketing with social media networks. Sweepstakes play a vital role in growing your email list quickly as the barrier to entry is simple.



Facebook apps

Facebook apps or tabs allow you to capture emails on your fan page. It requires a little integration but is not complicated. Every major email marketing tool has their own Facebook app. Use your Facebook page to promote an offer which requires email address submission.  Make sure you promote offers on your timeline and add social sharing buttons to the landing page also.



Twitter as a lead generation tool

Twitter gives you an ample number of options that is a dream come true for direct marketers. The best part of Twitter is that you do not have to leave Twitter to be added to a newsletter subscription. However, you will have to shell out some money to advertise. One click of a button and your follower can be your subscriber too. You can also create a Twitter advertising campaign to promote an eBook or a free resource that calls for an email address to redeem.



Give something

Promote and offer an incentive to sign up for a newsletter. Simple. It can be a discount to an eCommerce store, a white paper or an eBook. You do not have to do this activity if you have a specialised landing page.



These are just few methods to increase your email database using social media. Many of the methods are not complicated and can be implemented with utmost ease. There are various ways and angles to attack an email list building strategy. The key to the success of your email marketing is- as your email list and contacts grow, you should nurture and convert your early stage leads to sales ready leads. As an intelligent business man, it is your job and responsibility to make sure that you constantly add new contacts to your email campaign so that you keep the numbers moving up and in the right direction.


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